What Each Myers Briggs Type Enjoys Doing

We all have our own interests as unique individuals, but for starters here are some of the most common activities and interests of each Myers-Briggs personality types.


ENFJs focus on their external aspects. They dream to be a star. They love inspiring others and leading others. Nevertheless, they value their own privacy and beliefs which make them hold back in expressing them which makes them need to have their own space. For these reasons, they love reading, learning, organizing, talking to people and share their ideas, and do physical activities such as sports or exercising.


ENFPs may be inconsistent and unpredictable in most situations. Their interests vary depending on the environment or characteristics they have inherited. They have this dire need to have freedom from mundane isolation to have a full grasp of the individualistic part of them. ENFPs, in general, loves learning new things through reading, listening/talking to people, they also show interest in arts, take on travels and do physical activities like sports or exercise.


ENTJs are seen as different though they are extroverted, they aren’t easy to know. They are persuasive and they set high standards for themselves that often results to perfectionism. In a group of people sharing their ideas, their charm makes them stand out and end up representing the group. ENTJs are smart and rational individuals who are fast learners. Socializing, writing, sports or exercise, reading and engaging with physical activities satisfies their extroverted needs.


ENTPs focuses on the external world. They are quick thinkers and solves problems easily when in a normal state of emotion. Because they love concepts and keep on having new ideas, they commonly end up not finishing what they have started. ENTPs are answer-seekers and like learning new things. They are action-oriented individuals who would like sports, reading, debating, talking, and artistic endeavors.


ESFJs are outgoing individuals who love interacting with people. They are understanding and are good listeners. They perform their duties very well and constantly better themselves and become very dependable individuals to belong in the crowd. Due to these facts, they like physical activities (e.g. dancing), arts (e.g. music), talking to people, traveling, and studying.


Due to their generally-liked personalities, ESFPs are friends of everybody. They are very fun to be with and very spontaneous. ESFPs live in the present thus, dislikes theories and serious thinking about the future, and are pragmatists who enjoy being the centerpiece in a room. ESFPs like physical activities such as traveling, socializing, taking care of animals, nature and learning new things.


Being rational and authority-driven entities, ESTJs apt to stand for others. They do not have difficulty in expressing themselves to others because they are honest and straight-to-the-point. ESTJs are natural leaders and have a clear vision of what should be done and put it in action. They put on amounts of energy to improve a system and influence others to follow the rules. They like leading others, planning, physical activities, socializing and working.


ESTPs are spontaneous and fun to be with. They are practical and they love interacting with people. Though most of them have difficulty in coping up with school, their people skills are surprising. ESTPs are doers and have a strong sense of value. They like motivating other people, talking, traveling, having fun, and relaxing.


INFJs focus on the internal aspect of their lives. They are sensitive individuals but are detached from the external world and thus develop a very imaginative and artistic way of thinking. They are calculating and observant with their environment and can be very emotional in times of bad situations. For these reasons they needed something to express their emotions with like writing (e.g. poems), drawing/painting, playing or composing music, reading, and traveling.


INFPs are very private when it comes to their personal lives. Though they like to offer help and provision to others, they are also protective of their own private issues. Since INFPs are very creative, kind and sensitive they tend to love writing, playing or composing music, drawing or painting, playing (video) games, and they also like helping others who are in need like volunteering in social services and such.


INTJs are intuitive and analytical visionaries. Creative and systematic, they like orderliness which often arrives in perfectionism. However, INTJs aren’t all brains, they are surprisingly sensitive and reflective to their surroundings which often drives them to put on high standards to themselves and others. Due to these facts they love reading, thinking/planning, writing, solving things (like math problems, or human behavior) and also physical activities such as exercising.


INTPs are curious individuals who often seek the purpose of everything. They are driven by mysteries and theories and spends lots of time thinking and strive to fully understand something. Although they like to know more about a specific subject, they are often confused with their own emotions and sometimes their own identity. Because they like to seek knowledge, they tend to love traveling, reading, writing, experimenting and relaxing alone.


ISFJs are very reserved individuals. They are patient and gentle persons whom mostly are physically attractive and are protective and helpful to people and often dream about simple living. ISFJs likes literature, security, and harmony around them. Because of these facts they love reading, doing household chores, resting/sleeping, most likes arts (music or painting), and writing.


ISFPs are one of the most artistic individuals who mind their own business. They are perfectionists on their own which helps them accomplish an output with satisfactory results—though sometimes leads to procrastinations when there are deadlines to meet. ISFPs are sensitive, loyal and good listeners though won’t speak their mind until they have weighted it with their sense of value. They incline with any kinds of arts, writing, reading, researching, and others love nature or animals.


ISTJs are security-builders who are hardworking rational individuals. They are loyal in fulfilling their duties and pour the utmost of their abilities to complete them. Whatever they see as important, they incline to it and spend a lot of their energy to make it run smoothly. ISTJs like organizing, working, arts (e.g. music), physical activities (e.g. exercise), and planning.


ISTPs like technical and practical activities. They are logical but does not like theories. They are individualistic and loyal in nature and like solving problems with their own thinking abilities. Because of these, they incline in doing physical activities (e.g. exercise), fixing things, working, resting, and traveling.


These are just some of the common and general interests of each MBTI type. Being unique individuals, we all have our own specific leisure and capabilities due to environmental and genetic factors.
All in all, the list above will help you understand each type of MBTI to improve your personal and social life.

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