Every personality type has its own unique traits that are more or less likely to be more compatible with one field than the other. This is not only an idea or superstition but is actually the reality of our everyday lives.

Compatibility applies to every aspect of our human lives. It applies to relationships, to your diet, the vitamins you take, your hobbies, and career! That is why we prepared for you the Top 5 Careers for INTJ personality type that may guide you to become a better version of yourself!.

Top 5 Careers for INTJ

Computer Science

I – Although there probably will be human-like androids in the future, they still wouldn’t be people. Anything in this field is a good choice for INTJ’s as computers simply aren’t people. It’s just you and the technology, maybe someone telling you what to do. Perfect for the introverted side of things.

N – Say something goes wrong with someone’s computer. They call a repair service. The company asks what kind of computer the one in question is, and, sometimes when being told what the problem is and the brand, they can decide based on an educated guess what the problem is from prior experience. A certain kind can be bad about hard drives, so they may say that that’s probably what the problem is without having to see it or do further examination of it. Good for people who don’t like worrying so much about details.

T – Since computers only have certain ways to get things done and don’t have feelings, there’s no need to worry about it getting emotionally affected by anything you say or do to it. If there’s an error, you simply have to think of the different things that could go wrong, and narrow down your options based on what you’re given. You go through a logical process to get what needs to be done or fixed.

J – There’s a somewhat strict way computers can be built, handled, coded, etc. For someone who prefers their life planned and decided instead of open and flexible, this can be a good fit as you know beforehand what can go where, what can make this happen, the whole shebang.


I – Despite the fact that people can be numbers (i.e. statistics), numbers aren’t people. Studying numbers and their relations doesn’t really have to do with people, and it’s great for those who aren’t so sociable.

N – Math had rules, but is generally pretty open once you get into things like number theory and advanced mathematics. There are no more numbers anymore, just equations. So long as you get the equations down and edit them as you go, you don’t have to worry about specific details like what is pi exactly.

T – Math is the epitome of critical thinking and logic, and is treated as such. Certain things equal others, that’s just how it is. The ability to think through problems is done via math, and doing math has been known to improve problem solving skills since you have to take it logically.

J – Math is quite strict with what can and can’t happen, generally speaking. For example, 2 can’t equal 13 on its own. It needs operations to get it to that point. Although you can go about problems in different ways, they’re still figured out through using formulas and such that have already been decided, usually from men in ancient times.

Top 5 Careers for INTJ


I – Last I checked, a bundle of bricks doesn’t have feelings, and blueprints don’t either. As an architect, the only real people you’ll have to deal with are your clients and what they want in the floor plan; not many other people are important to your job.

N – You may make a room that’s slightly bigger than another and won’t connect just right, but you don’t have to worry about it so much. You can just slap a closet or something there for a house and call it good. You only have to worry about the general layout, as finer details like openings between rooms can be worked out later.

T – If someone wants a certain style of house, it may need support beams or pillars to keep it up. As an architect, you have to account for these types of things, leading to the logical side of it. You’d have to add certain things to the plan every so many feet for certain objects, add supports where needed based on room size, etc. A good career thing for the logical INTJ.

J – INTJ’s like life planned, so what better to have a career planning things? After all, there isn’t much you can do once the plan is set in stone (pun intended).

Urban Planning

I – You may be deciding which person’s home is going next to someone else’s or how close they’ll be to the park, but that’s about as much human interaction as you’re going to get as an urban planner.

N – When you are deciding where to place things, they don’t have to be so super exact either. Two houses don’t fit right together perfectly? Or some green space in between them and it’ll be fine. Nothing’s stopping you.

T – You do have to put things in some sort of logical sense (i.e. people wouldn’t like to live near the city dump but would like it if their kids were close to the school), and that can be a bit restricting, but it’s a good way to think as you have to take everyone’s needs into account.

J – You are literally doing planning. I don’t see what could be better for an INTJ, honestly. It has order, structure, still some freedom, etc. What’s not to like?

Top 5 Careers for INTJ


I – You may make things for people, but you aren’t really dealing with people, so to speak.

N – Whatever problem someone has, it’s up to you to try to help solve it by making something. You may not have all the kinks figured out just yet as to how it’ll all work, but whatever you think of will be great for a general idea.

T – Since all engineering has a specific category dedicated to it in STEM, it’s safe to say it has quite the structure and basis in rules and such in terms of science and math.

J – You’re working hard, and you may have to take work home, but you’re certain that you’ll be working. A lot. So there’s not much need to make plans for your free time; you won’t have much of it to worry about anyway.

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