5 Things Every Female INTJ Will Understand

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The female INTJ or the so-called “unicorns” are often discussed in forums and blogs. Most perceive them as competent, the interesting, intriguing, weird, and smart women.
However, they may not be the stereotype of what we see online because, in reality, they have their struggles.

Female Groups Don’t Get Them

They often find themselves in a small circle of friends-mostly men. Although they can have more female friends if they have the same interests. With respect to other Thinking or iNtuitive females such as ENFPs or ISTPs. There are many factors all in all that could affect their friendship choice.

Most of the time, female INTJs feels awkward when they are with different types of girls for an extended period of time. It makes them feel alienated. Unless it is a business meeting, of course, they won’t mind.

It’s Hard To Relate With Other People


Some of the things that excite them the most are politics, science, technology, business, psychology, or deep conversations.
They tend to feel out of place when it comes to general groups of people. This happens mainly when other girls talk about typical, girly stuff and uninteresting conversations about everyday things. Most of these individuals have a small interest in girly things. Although, they do usual activities as well (they are human, duh), unicorns do it in a different and suspicious way (sometimes).

Female INTJ: Intimidating Men

As competitive females, they see men as rivals and the more success they achieve, the more they make most men feel inferior. The more men discover about them; the darker these unicorns become in their eyes.

On the other hand, they challenge men by their intriguing personalities, and that’s an advantage.

Also, they are more of a world-dominating companion rather than the typical wife-material.

Prince Charming Is Nowhere For the Female INTJ

A female INTJ will most likely have o.oooooooo1% chance out of the 7.5 billion world population before she can find her “ideal guy.” This guy is too perfect even to exist as this guy happens to be the male version of herself. But we can sometimes deviate from the stereotype, of course.
This can make some INTJ females feel sad about themselves and would think that they would die single.

On second thought, they think it would be better alone as this enables them to do the things they like reaching their full potential for success.

Loneliness Keeps Coming Back


When the body gets tired, the energy that keeps one’s assertiveness dries up and often lead to self-doubt and stress. Female INTJs could feel very lonely and need to shut down for a while. However, they could seek someone to share their problems with when they are depressed—which is difficult to do, for they have an insufficient list of trustworthy friends.

In conclusion, a female INTJ is a normal person who goes out to shop, eat, socialize (sometimes), and to do other things we typically do every day. She can get stressed, depressed, cry, laugh, and party like others.

No matter what a female INTJ do, she might look and act differently. It is because female INTJs are one of the most independent women in the MBTI. But they have needs like everybody else. They might look cold outside, but inside they are…well, still cold (just kidding). They are very warm beings with a vision to help the world. To help others improve themselves.

Not until you become very close to them, which is when you realize how soft and warm their hearts are.

But remember.

We all have the unique characteristics that we must embrace and develop.

Go for it female INTJ! More power!

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