Myers-Briggs is a personality type system that explores individual tendencies that affect how we interact with the world and with the people around us. There are sixteen personality types in this system, each of them with different characteristics and qualities. Here we’re going to have a look at what tendencies in each personality type might be affecting your dating style and dooming you to remain single.


This personality type can be intense. They know what they want and how to get it in most cases, but this can be a problem in relationships. This type has trouble bending for others needs and wants, and needs to learn this if they want a long term relationship.


The ESTJ is stable, reliable and opinionated. Very opinionated. They have strong ideas on everything from the way a household should be run to the weather. They make loyal and committed partners, but need to learn to make room for the opinions of others if they want a happy relationship.


Everyone likes ENFJ’s, everyone wants them around, and they can seem like they have everything worked out in that area of life. But they may also scare off potential mates, smothering their love interest with their enthusiasm and attention. If they slow down and listen, they will find it easier to find and keep the relationship they want.


ESFJ’s like to help the people around them. Because of this, their relationships can be one-sided and sometimes damaging to them when they go too far with this tendency. This type needs to learn to be a little more selfish in relationships rather than basing it around their partner’s issues.


The world is huge and ENTP’s want to experience it all. They often don’t have the time or the headspace to focus on one part of their life when there are so many other things to explore. Relationships require focus and work, and an ENTP won’t have the mental space to be in one until they’re ready to concentrate on one thing over the long term.

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This personality type is fun and exciting but can seem a little shallow to other types. Their love of a good time and adrenalin seeking nature can make it seem as if they aren’t looking for a long term or exclusive relationship. ESTP’s need to let people see their more serious, reflective side if they want deeper relationships in their lives.


ENFPs are endlessly curious about the world and usually consider it their personal playground. Unfortunately, this can result in a lack of interest or focus on long term relationships. If an ENFP wants to keep a lover, they have to remember to slow down and give others the attention they need.

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An ESFP can seem like the perfect partner. They are warm and fun and when they are ready to be in a relationship, they dedicate themselves to it. But that is often the key to a happy relationship for an ESFP, their love of pleasure and fun can make them reluctant to commit and more interested in exploring every option. If an ESFP is permanently single, they need to ask themselves if they really want to be in a relationship, or just think they should be.


Often called the most independent of the personality types, the INTJ can be intimidating to others and happiest when they’re on their own. These qualities, coupled with the intensive tests they set up for potential mates to determine suitability and trustworthiness, can send people screaming for the hills. If you’re an INTJ looking for a relationship, you need to let down some barriers and show people your softer side.

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ISTJ’s want a relationship perhaps more than every other type. They’re loyal and conventional and can have trouble finding a relationship that suits their more traditional nature. Their rationale brain seeks out the perfect partner as if it were a math formula and they need to learn to relax and accept change and uncertainty if they want to find someone to spend their life with.


In relationships, especially love relationships, the INFJ wants an intense, soul deep connection and may actually recoil from casual, shallow relationships. This can become a problem when they try to forge this kind of connection too quickly, and many INFJ’s find themselves single because they try to go too deep too fast

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The ISFJ takes relationships seriously and wants that perfect, stable relationship. Unfortunately, they are often attracted to the more carefree personality types, who struggle to give them the stability and reliability that the ISFJ needs. Finding a relationship for this type is often about deciding what they really want and opening their eyes to new possibilities.

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The INTP is smart in a way that’s obvious to everyone. They get caught up in their own investigations and curiosities and forget that other people exist. They may even use that big brain to drive others away. As with many of the thinker types, the INTP needs to feel as well as think when trying to determine what they want from their relationships.


ISTP’s are bright, capable and curious but tend to live in the moment, having trouble planning for or even thinking about the future. This may mean that they lack interest in long term relationships, or lead to them leaving one once they’ve lost interest. If an ISTP wants to make a relationship work, they need to practice thinking, planning, and living at least a little for the long term.

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INFP’s can be extremely cautious about letting their barriers down so that others can see their true self. This slow way of connecting to others may be seen as indifference or even dislike to potentials mates. Openly communicating with people may stop the INFP’s relationships from ending before they start because of this unusually cautious nature.


ISFP’s take time. They are reluctant to share their thoughts and feelings with others even once trust has been established, and can end up in very unfulfilling relationships because of this tendency. If they want a satisfying relationship that lasts, The ISFP will have to open their mouth and say what they want now and then.

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