Sometimes It Can Seem Hard

A quick look around the internet and you can find a number of ENTP Problems. Well, that’s because ENTPs aren’t excluded from the many general problems of life. In fact, their awareness, ability to understand multiple perceptions of a situation and extroverted nature mean they often find themselves in the thick of many issues. Other people’s issues not excluded!

It can sometimes seem overwhelming. The good news is that like most others, the ENTP struggles are also some of their best strengths!

1. EVERYTHING Needs To Be “Fixed”

ENTPs are fixers, the “Visionary” of the MBTI personality groups. While almost everyone else in the room may be discussing problems the ENTP will be listening. Then, they will deliver the simple solution everyone was working around. Now, the ENTP is often only concerned and sometimes overwhelmed with the sense of needing to fix, well everything.

The trick is to stay positive and to maintain focus on what you have contributed. Take pride as the visionary and keep your solutions handy! It is genuine innovative thinking that is hard to come by. Keep this skill sharp!

2. ANYTHING is Up For Debate, and It’s Your Best Sport.

The master at debates, and provoker of many arguments … no place is “safe”. The workplace, home, not even public places. It’s because you are trying to understand the other person’s thought process. You can justify their side of the debate probably better than they can. But, you want to listen to how they do it. It’s is the perceptive side of you that wants to increase your own ability to develop options. For yourself. It is completely a selfish act, but the end results feed into our first point. This allows you to know how to fix things. This is a great benefit to your own life, and you know what if you enjoy it… do it!

3. When An ENTP Feels Too Much, Just Logic Your Way Out Of It!

Often ENTPs voice the struggle of being motivated by the outside world and understanding objectivity. Which can be hard to come by in the outside world, as many people don’t think objectively. However, ENTPs have a sort of super power when it comes to dealing with their feelings. Logic can be the tool to help escape these feelings. Keeping your intuitive call towards the future, ENTPs can identify how their own feelings or current struggle is only temporary. A variety of other logic tools are available at all times to ENTPs. When you’re feeling too much, rely on your other strengths (logic) to compensate temporarily.

4. You Know When to Keep Comments to Yourself.

While the matter of debating isn’t something you can turn off at will, there is a different interaction which you have supreme control over. Unnecessary commentary. When a friend or acquaintance has made a decision for their life, you accept that your opinion isn’t going to be heeded. While you can make decisions on the fly, you know that not everyone else can. ENTPs enjoy watching how other people’s decisions work out for them. They hope for the best turn out, and if it doesn’t work out, you leave it alone. The urge to say “I told you so” and “Why didn’t you ask me first” isn’t particularly strong. It is from your increased consideration of how important that person’s decision was to them that you can hold your tongue. This is something that friends and family members appreciate more than other personality contributions.

5. Your Friends Feel Your Positivity!

Your ability to always find a positive spin on a situation is a godsend to those around you. On top of it, you get these “feel good” vibes too. ENTPs are capable of crafting their own environment and influencing other’s to feel the benefits of it. It goes back to their visionary roots. Your intuitive nature to recall specifics as needed, and ability to collect varied data, means you know who is around you. Your friend’s preferences, your own patterns and more, are just lying in front of you. Building positive environments for ENTPs starts with high-level analysis; they can take random data and turn it into something useful.

That is what ENTPs do. They take the many nuances of daily life and know how to cultivate them to make it great. It is a wonderful thing to know (or at least believe) you have a pretty good hold on the world around you. Control issues aside.

6. The “Most Introverted – Extrovert” Means You Know Your Own Perfect Balance!

This is one of the biggest struggles ENTPs face daily. You seek the solace of being alone but derive your energy from being around people. However, when you’ve lived your whole life like this, you learn your balance. You know how to derive your energy and you know when to work in power save mode. It is an internal comprehension that most people don’t have. Once you have that balance in place, it’s simply keeping up a schedule and modifying as needed. You’ll always have the energy you need!

7. Midnight Ideas and 6 am “Naps”

Some call it insomnia, others call it procrastination, ENTPs call it scheduled strokes of genius. However, most perceptive types are known to work best closer to a deadline. You have all the time before the idea hits to not worry (or worry a little bit). You also know how to handle your own ideas to bring them together in a clear format. Then power charge with that early morning nap. Those naps are the most satisfying when you have just accomplished a project!

8. You Hyper-Focus on What’s Important … to You.

ENTPs are known for jumping from one task to another. That is the outside view though and this post is all about you. The reason ENTPs move from one task to another or multitask with passion is well, because of the passion. ENTPs can hyperfocus on anything that’s important to them. So they feel less pressure when they take on extra tasks that are pet projects. It’s because they know how to manage their time and utilize their experience to ensure what is important to them gets done first. This means that when other’s blow off your ideas, you can just move right along with them anyway.

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