How to Write a Personal Development Plan in 10 Steps

How to Write a Personal Development Plan in 10 Steps

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Personal growth is not easy. It is near impossible to reach some spectacular results without working on the development of your personal characteristics and skills. But, how do you organize your personal growth properly? And the answer is simple. You need to create a personal development plan that will cover all the steps that you need in order to achieve personal growth.

The secret of successful personal growth lies in a proper time-management and goal-setting. If you have a clear and settled objective, you know what you want to achieve and what exactly you need to do for that, you can expect some changes. The goals will have a direct impact on your personal development.

What is a personal development plan?

First, let’s clarify what a professional growth plan means. You will need this information to be able to decide what steps it should include and how exactly it should determine your actions and influence your results.

In fact, this plan has 10 important steps that you need to remember not to fail. They are as following:

  • It should reflect on your achievements
  • It should include working on your strong sides
  • It should stick to certain areas
  • It should be based on the goals that you set
  • It should identify the set of skills required
  • It should encourage you to take actions
  • It should show the priorities that you have
  • It should measure the results that you get
  • It should include possible opportunities
  • It should include solutions for possible threats

All these points are equally important for creating a personal development plan. However, each of the aspects has certain peculiarities that you are to know if you want to develop a plan that will be really effective for you.

10 steps that you are to take for your success

Now, let’s talk about each step that is involved in developing an effective plan. By following these steps, you will definitely get the result that you’ve expected.

1. Reflect on your achievements

This is the first rule for an effective plan is that it should always be based on your achievements. If you are just planning to reach certain goals, you should include them in the plan, but not to use them as a basis. Be honest with yourself, and always work with the data that are available now, not that you expect to get in future.

It will be nice to define what achievements suit your plan more, as not all of them are equally important. Determining of them is a kind of preparation process that will help you make the first step and decide on what to do next.

2. Include improving your strong sides

There is a common mistake that is made by almost everyone who’s trying to develop a plan. This is an improvement of the weak sides of a person. From one point, it may seem to be a great idea, but when you start to analyze it, you will understand that you’re just wasting your time on something unimportant. Therefore, your personal development plan should be mainly concentrated on growing your strengths.

Your weak sides are important indeed but improving them should not be on the main list of the growth plan.

3. Stick to certain areas

Another mistake that is made frequently is introducing as many ideas from different areas to the plan. These ideas may even not be related to a personal development.

If you want this plan to work for you, make sure that you’ve got focused only on certain the most important things. In this way, it will be easier for you to develop a proper approach to what you should do in every single area.

Of course, it will be nice to develop a plan that covers one area or related areas. The chances that you will keep up with it will definitely increase.

4. Base it on the goals that you set

Before you start to work on your personal development plan, you need to define what goals you pursue. If you are not clear about them, it will be impossible for you to estimate the results.

Do remember that the goals, areas, and your achievements are not separate parts. They all come together, and they all affect each other.

Goal setting for personal development plan has a couple of approaches you may use. For example, you may set long-term goals or get focused on short-time goals. The main requirement here is that they should be clear and unambiguous. It will also be nice to introduce some steps that are important for reaching these goals.

5. Identify the set of skills required

Any plan won’t be effective if there are no skills that are important for reaching it. Make sure that you point them out while working on your development plan.

In case, you have defined that there some skills that you lack, you are to work on them or to introduce some changes into the plan if you feel that you won’t be capable of attaining a good level of them.

6. Encourage yourself to take action

We all struggle to maximum results and frequently we set the tasks that exceed our possibilities. When we look at these tasks sometime later, a huge number of doubts appear like whether we can handle all of them or whether we have enough skill to make these plans come true. These doubts lead to losing passion and desire to work on the settled tasks. Therefore, you are to develop your plan in such a way it works as an encouragement for your actions.

7. List the priorities that you have

Make sure that while creating your plan you set priorities properly. For example, if you are eager to become a proofreader, you need to start with the definition of proofreading but not on fixing sentences and finding mistakes. This approach will work for any niche or area, so stick to it.

8. Measure the results that you get

One of the most important parts that should be included in your personal development plan is how you will measure your results. You need to determine that in advance as you won’t be able to understand whether you already done with the tasks and whether the results that you’ve reached satisfy you.

9. Include possible opportunities

When working on a plan, you are to remember that the situation may change and new opportunities will definitely appear. Try to predict what may change and how it will affect your goals.

Use these predictions to develop different strategies to reach your goals.

10. Include solutions to prepare for possible threats

Another point that you are to consider in your personal development plan is the threats that you may meet. These threats should also be included in your plan. Try to dwell on all possible problems that may appear and prepare some solutions that will help you to deal with them.

By this, you will prevent yourself from unexpected situations that may ruin all your intentions and the whole plan.

Working on a personal development plan is not easy by far. But if you make it detailed and clear, you will enjoy all the benefits: you will know what exactly you need to do know, what skills to apply, how to reach your goals, and how to use these achievements to enjoy the results of your work. Do not ignore the possibility to bring more awareness to your plan and make it well-structured and encouraging. You will never regret that you’ve spent your time on that!

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