Punxsutawney Phil recently prognosticated six more weeks of winter. Snow bunnies are rejoicing while summer lovers are turning indoor spaces into saunas.

Regardless of seasonal and temperature preferences, our type preferences can be trained like Olympic athletes.

Now let’s propel your type to win gold in the cold with this Herb Brooks-inspired “Miracle on Ice” (Or Miracle MBTI) training session.

Win Gold in the Cold: 16 Type Myers-Briggs Olympic Edition


Back in your day, you walked barefoot 10 miles uphill in the snow with no coat. Your game-plan: thriving off the weaknesses of other types.

With dominant Introverted Sensing, your four-year supply of competitor failures must be used to level the competition. Use your auxiliary Extraverted Thinking to bring your trash-talking to the next level. Their minds will spin much more than a Cab 720 on the halfpipe.


Like the ISTJ, you remember winning uphill blizzard-battles. Every workout has gone into this event, so recall those memories and lead your bobsled team to victory. Be the leader your teammates need, not the Swiss-idolizing Derice Bannock in Cool Runnings. We all know how that ended.


Your competitors disregard your Introverted Intuition as a tiny spark – they say it’s entertaining enough but far from competitive. Play-up your underdog status and surprise them in the Free Skate. They won’t know what hit them when your “tiny spark” lands your triple-triples on top of the podium.


Your Introverted Intuition is certain about your future gold medal. Although you prefer Judging to Perceiving, your key is to veer from the plan.

Use your vision of gold to deviate from your present course of action. Planned an alley-oop? Turn it into a grab the instant your Intuition tells you. Your Auxiliary Extraverted Thinking will be sure to land you on your feet as you smoke the competition on the halfpipe.

Win Gold in the Cold: 16 Type Myers-Briggs Olympic Edition


Trust your refinement. Only you have the answer to achieving your perfect landings, so don’t give any technical clues to the press before your big event. Your Introverted Sensing knows the plan. Don’t let your Auxiliary Sensing reveal any trade secrets. While the world loves a scandal, do not create your own.


Your sense of style will make your rivals sweat in the cold. Does your sport require a matching uniform instead of a costume? No problem! Bring back the Tonya Harding ponytail. scrunchie and all. The judges will notice you and forget the others.

Need something flashier? Don’t hesitate to start a go-fund-me to secure your Vera Wang creation. Your strong values and hope for world peace are relatable to the masses.


We get it—you’re deeply moved by North and South Korea’s united stance. Yet in order to win, you must use your Introverted Feeling to create a cause for yourself.

If you trust your inner goals, you’ll not only land on the podium but score the Wheaties box. Be the hope for the next generation and win it for the kids.


Any obstacle ahead will vanish with your ingenious mind-power and precision. You’re ready to crush the Biathlon with your speedy reasoning, cunning accuracy and little care for your competitors as your targets flip from black to white.

Do not second-guess yourself. As Eminem says, “You only got one shot!”

Win Gold in the Cold: 16 Type Myers-Briggs Olympic Edition


The world is watching you, ESTP. Fans and detractors alike are waiting for your Olympic hat trick.

Get your hockey gear ready but beware of lurking goons on the ice. Even with your abilities, they may surprise you and attempt to end your career. Be prepared to drop your gloves.


No matter your training, take in new experiences as they arise. Shake your nerves by fully participating in the opening and closing ceremonies. For you, it’s about the moment. Embrace it and laugh at those who let their nerves seep into their game.


Use the magic of the slopes to land your triple cork! The mountain’s magic will fill you with endless ideas to guide your physical limits. If you let your dominant Extraverted Intuition trust the magic, you’ll double your air score.


Here’s a question only the Frank Carrolls of coaching ask: Is it more logical to win gold or score endorsements?

If your Introverted Thinking says gold, then be cold as ice. Endorsements more your speed? Make friends to warm up your soon-to-be fan base.

Win Gold in the Cold: 16 Type Myers-Briggs Olympic Edition


With lightening efficiency and accuracy, you were built for the 10,000 M speed skate. Attend to your strengths and be sure your skates are sharpened. Don’t let your Extraverted nature distract you from the task at hand. The party at Olympic Village will be even more epic if you wait until after you execute.


The other 15 have been comparing you to the over-attentive Hockey Moms lurking around Olympic Village. Yet inside you’re a fierce competitor with insane accuracy.

Your attention to detail will lead your Curling team to victory. Take a step back from harmony-seeking and execute like only you can. After the games, your friendliness will secure your spot on Dancing with the Stars.


While you’re most likely to carry your country’s flag in the opening ceremony, do not let one single judge’s lowball score detract you from your upcoming free skate.  The world will be on your side, and who would be better than you to lead change in Olympic scoring?


Your Extraverted Thinking knows how to find flaws. Instead of worrying about your athletic ability, develop a plan to critique the judge’s calls. Your competitors and fans will despise you, but what do you care? Win at all costs, ENTJ. Be the enemy we love to hate.

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