ISFJ Personality Type (The Defender)

isfj personality defender

The ISFJ defender personality at first impression is a very sensitive type. Whenever you see that combination of Sensing and Feeling many other types think to run for the hills. But this first impression couldn’t be more wrong. What isn’t seen is the strength this type holds, or the fierce loyalty that is developed quickly and held for a lifetime. ISFJs are hidden gems of the MBTI world but ironically, they are one of the most voluminous types by percentage of the population. ISFJs are literally all around us, being fantastic in their own quiet but impactful way.

Their ability to sense, feel and judge overruns their introverted desires to collect energy alone by insisting on expelling their energy into social situations.  In fact, at times it seems like they have limitless energy that they push away from themselves to create positive change. Or work against the negative forces of the world. They are purposeful, driven to success and forever in search of a new cause to join. With a greater focus on the why something is done, and how it will be accomplished ISFJs quickly take on the appearance of a superhero type. These are the defenders of MBTI.

ISFJ Personality: The Defenders

ISFJs live and breathe to stand up for what is right, or what is best. Although most ISFJs have their roots in introversion and aren’t prone to seeking out the spotlight or podium they jump at the chance when it’s for a cause. They use these chances to advance a network of caring and devoted individuals. This way all involved can ensure that they are being recognized for what they contribute and stay focused on the bigger goal.  This is where the judging aspect becomes a primary factor in their lives. ISFJs know when to crack down and focus. But their feeling side keeps them grounded enough to not forget about the people involved.

It’s this type of devotion that leads ISFJs to seek out purposeful life pursuits. No task too big, and no purpose too small. The Horton of this Dr. Seuss type world we are living in. Changing the world would never be considered too small of a task for an ISFJ. Neither would ending world hunger, bringing about international peace between warring countries or even something like saving animals lives for a living.

A Driving Want, in all things

If there is any unique combination, the most obvious would be the feeling and judging that we see here. We like to associate feelers with percepters however this is what gives the ISFJ the drive they have. These are the movers and shakers of the world that make big waves and produce big results. What makes them actual superheroes though is that this is the place they draw their satisfaction from. Imagine accomplishing one goal and feeling so great you just had to start chasing the next one. This ambition many people lack, or they ride the high of one accomplishment for too long.

Idle hands are never a problem that ISFJs encounter. They are always on the move and if you attempt to watch this type in action for too long, you’ll be sure to be left feeling dizzy and unproductive. This unsurpassable desire to keep moving forward has become that basis of many well-known and famous ISFJs. See figures like Queen Elizabeth II, Beyoncé, and Selena Gomez. This desire isn’t just seen in high-powered women though; they are sprinkled through fiction as inspirational driving forces. Sam Gamgee of the Lord of the Rings and Dr. Watson of the Sherlock Holmes world are two pivotal personalities. ISFJs quickly become the inspiration for many other MBTI types to jump into action and work for a greater cause. They are almost as much silent motivators as they are defenders at heart. Just this one they do unintentionally. If you’re an ISFJ looking for a career to fuel your drive, you’ll find a list of rewarding jobs here.

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Cultivating Loyalty as an Introvert

Being the introvert they are ISFJs may often find they under-appreciated. Or, worst case scenario, downright taken for granted. This doesn’t stop them from building strong loyalties though. Especially when someone has found the value of the ISFJ in their lives. These introverts are capable of repeatedly providing the best work, and on time which is part of what cultivates these loyalties.

The loyalties they build don’t come with the structured boundaries that other MBTIs should take into consideration when working with an ISFJ. ISFJs focus on so many other things going on in their lives and in the lives of those around them. The responsibility starts to fall on the people closest to them to make sure they aren’t treating their ISFJ like a doormat! ISFJs of the world, don’t hesitate to bring your needs to the table as a priority! Others can chill out for a while sometimes.

Altruistic and Kind Above All Else

Of all the things you could think of when you see I-S-F-J together, you would probably suspect that this is a very kind person. We didn’t really expect the insane drive they have. Then we learned that the ISFJ type of loyalty is completely unique. What we didn’t have to learn the hard way because it’s really intuitive (ironically) is that ISFJs are kind and altruistic.  However, how ISFJs make this a genuinely unique trait… because nothing is normal here… is that they bring this into all aspects of life. Almost in equal doses, kindness is spread throughout family, friends, work and other pursuits.

The truly wonderful thing is that for as opposite as each segment of this type seems, sensing-judgers and introverted-feelers, they’re all around. It is unknown if the spike in percentage of the population that ISFJs make up is a flux of the generation or if it’s been a driving force for a while now. But ISFJs make up about 13% of the population. It could be a great explanation of the world being in such a state of driving towards greater goals and greater equality. This could also explain the heightened focus on kindness overall. What we can predict for the future is that this completely unique, but in abundance, personality type will continue to be a powerful force in the world we live in.

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