10 Most Relatable Introvert Illustrations

They say introverts are like cats: arrogant and moody. The truth is we are nothing like that – not all the time.

funny introvert illustrations

Introverts are lovable creatures, but we love to be alone most of the time. This can make us seem cold, which is definitely not true.

If there is a similarity between us, introverts, and cats, then it’s our desire to receive love when we want to. If you try to cuddle with an introvert at the wrong time, you will be rejected. That’s because most introverts have a low tolerance for social situations. The irony is, more and more introverts are sharing their struggles online on social media. And people say we are antisocial…

Here are 10 illustrations that show the essence of introverts, our struggles and what makes us happy.

1. Bad Weather Makes Us Happy

Introverts love a rainy day! Not because it’s dark and wet, but because we have the perfect excuse to stay home, wrapped in a blanket and not having to talk to anyone.

by Adam Ellis

2. Our Time Management Skills

The workflow was definitely invented by an introvert: we are masters at diving into our work. But most of us lack time management skills, deadlines aren’t really our friends opps.

by Sarah Andersen

3. Our Brains Are Wired Differently

Reseach has proved that introverts have a different neural pathway for processing stimuli. In more general terms, we take a longer time to react to something, because our brain analyses both the new information and our feelings and thoughts about it.

by Sarah Andersen

4. Cold Outside, Hot Inside

Introverts often seem cold, absent and arrogant by others. But the reality is we are almost always overwhelmed by thoughts and ideas.

5. This Beautiful World

We always notice the little things in life, which makes us look distracted. In fact, we are overwhelmed by the beautiful world around us.

6. Introvert Perspective

Some people think introverts are antisocial, but the reality is we have a different understanding of the term “social”.

7. Social anxiety

Socializing leads to high amounts of anxiety for us, so we try to avoid people. When around groups of people, we enter “silent” mode by default.

8. Condensation

Sometimes we like to hide behind sarcastic replies.

9. INTJ Donut

Donuts are empty in the middle, but the hole can mean so much. Yeah, introverts are like donuts: sweet and full of unknown wonders. You just have to enter their soft side to get the best of them.

10. The Introvert Dreamhouse

An introverts’ dream house is full of mysteries, which stimulate the brains and feeds the creativity.

To Sum It All Up:

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