Motivation is as important to life as food and oxygen are, however much someone might lead you to believe or think otherwise. Motivation and inspiration are very easy to lose nowadays, thanks to social media which continually enables us to compare our lives to others, which is very detrimental to positive thinking. If you are feeling less bright than usual lately, or feel like purpose to your life has slowly gone away or is sinking, you have come to the right site. This article has been exclusively compiled to tell you of how hard the lives of some superstars have been, but they rose above all to shine brighter than most. Read on, and soon you will find yourself out of that blue cloud!

  1. 12 Years A Slave, by Solomon Northup

Made into a film that swept away the Oscars of the year, it also brought to the world a shining star in the guise of Black actress Lupita, it tells the very poignant and horribly disturbing, unsettling story of a man who was suddenly transported from a very fulfilling, privileged and earned life to the shackles of slavery like in the old days. In this story, Solomon shows everything he went through, mostly inhuman, and also how he made it back. For every person out there who thinks all hope is lost, this story of a miracle is a must watch.

  1. Steve Jobs, By Walter Isaacson

Steve Jobs has been a household name for quite some time now as the mega successful entrepreneur and creator of Apple Inc., the technological giant. But had everything always been smooth sailing for him? No, of course not! In a rather short life with no extraordinary upbringing, challenges with social interaction, and even getting into addictions at some point, this is the inspiring biography of one of the greatest minds in the world.

  1. The Autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi

Written in the words of the man himself, this is the life story of one of the kindest souls the world ever witnessed, and probably never deserved. Written in eloquent prose about every torture life inflicted on him, this will make you shiver at both the man controlled and natural forces that made M. K. Gandhi’s life nothing short of hell many a time. From physical beating that left him bleeding to calumny that defiles him in the eyes of the nation he loved so much, he came out of it all with only more positivity in his soul. This man is rightfully an example, and not only an inspiration, to every human being among us.

  1. The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr, By Clayborne Carson.

This is the iconic man who is never failed to be mentioned even once in the context of the history of either the recent Americas or Christianity and the effort to bolster human rights. An iconic activist with popular mass appeal paralleled by few agents of state till date, he also left a mark on the popular culture of all genres and countries that industries have made livings on that. Coming from difficult circumstances in childhood, this is the tale of a man that transformed deficits into value on a scale that few can even dream of.

  1. Up from Slavery, By Booker T Washington.

One of the parables on slavery in American Literature, read side by side with the likes of Uncle Tom’s Cabin and Huckelberry Finn, this is a vivid and very important take on the real-life horrors that the institution of slavery continued to inflict upon human lives in the USA.

  1. Young Mandela, By David James Smith

Nelson Mandela had an influence on the whole world at large that few people, coming even from ethnic majorities, fail to achieve. In a career spanning decades in terms of years and hundreds in terms of achievements, this tale is an exploration of inspiration like no other.

  1. The Pursuit of Happiness, By Chris Wardner

The second story on this list that is a cult movie, this one is so iconic in world culture that every movie buff is entitled to a view, and every depression patient is prescribed a dose once in a while. A struggle of people who live on streets and have problems with father figures, and go on to transform their lives for the better: This is the crux of the tale.

Motivation is directly derivable from inspiration, and make sure to be surrounded by elements that give it at all times. Here we have compiled a list of tales, every time you’re feeling under the weather, do not forget to indulge in a quick mix of these!

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