An INFJ is an introverted intuitive, they feel more and are fond of a more organized approach to life. INFJs form the rarest portion of society with their high inclination towards the subconscious. Their primary focus is on their own intentions rather than reason.

They Are Quiet But Their Personalities Tend To Outshine Others

They tend to be really quiet and prefer deferring themselves from the outside world, yet as time goes by their achievements outshine many others. They normally prefer avoiding the limelight but people still enjoy their companionship. Extroverts are usually recognized as highly social but it is not quite true as introverts are spotted to be far more sociable. They not only communicate well but strangely have the capacity to bring about attention wherever it is needed. They may be able to outclass others in situations where they are thought to be too shy or timid.

Subconscious And Values Based Opinions

This is one of the most remarkable personality traits of an INFJ. Since forming opinions and conclusions based on one’s subconscious and values can be a difficult task. Diving deep down within themselves and forming conclusions about things that would otherwise not match with the reasoning of others. They bring out meanings that would have otherwise been left hidden. Their subconscious has the ability to bring about interpretations of matters that seem baffling or confusing. This activity of the subconscious is highly appreciated as it brings out results that have a far deeper impact. This trait of theirs exceeds all other traits as this is where they leave long-lasting effects and influence in this world.

Guided By Intuition, Their Opinions Have Deeper Impact And Insight

INFJs solely rely on intuition and since they are not very fond of logic, they may dive into the unknown and hidden areas of one’s personality that seem incomprehensible to others. Intuition is considered as a higher state of thinking that is formed by several factors and may not necessarily relate to pure reasoning. Therefore one can perfectly imagine that their answers are not just answers but opinions that have a deeper understanding attached to them. Their insights are a treat to hear and can sometimes be extremely persuasive.

Too Much Of An Organized Sort

INFJs tend to be very specific about their schedules and it might irritate others, but their long-term plans seem to surpass others. It is this one rare trait where long-term plans are not only carried out effectively but patience required to handle such plans may tire those around them. Their habit of being too organized is sometimes seen as a setback because things do not always go as planned. INFJs do suffer due to this dependency and compulsiveness but still manage to escape a little from the unpleasant turnouts.

INFJs are Introverts, To Say The Least. They Believe In The World That Lies Within Themselves

They clearly understand, recognize and appreciate the wisdom that lies within them. It is with this wisdom that INFJs can envisage and interpret things that extroverts remain unaware of. It may be a blessing in disguise but may sometimes also create complications in matters related to logic and reasoning.

They Believe In Values

This is one of the strong traits of an INFJ. It is referred to as a no logic approach. They tend to be driven by values and may understand the hidden core elements that can help reshape a society while understanding the reasons behind the chaos.

A Perfect Amalgamation Of Values And Organization Rarely Encountered

Being organized and having the zest to continue with struggle while believing in values is another special trait of an INFJ, yet it is too much of an organized nature and may not completely coexist with their values. They prefer their organized nature not to be tampered with and surprisingly managed to keep it that way. INFJs also ensure that they safeguard their values that they cling very deeply to.

Things Need To Be Established And Designated

Yes, it may seem very irritating to some, but it is their second nature to keep things maintained and organized. If something is unsettled, it’s just isn’t their cup of tea. They prefer handling things in an orderly and prescribed manner for them to deal with it more effectively and precisely. If things are not settled, INFJs will not progress themselves or head towards development but will label themselves as stagnant and lethargic.

INFJs See The World As They See Themselves

Since they are introverts, INFJs tend to decipher the world on their own terms. The world is a reality that exists within their inner world. If this conflicts with the outer world, they may not deny it all together but will try to maintain a distance. It is this beautiful and irresistible world that they possess within themselves that INFJs would further like to see outside in everything that is present. Since they attach too much importance on their emotional side, INFJs comprehend the beauty around them on their own terms. The world is only beautiful if they feel it is beautiful if it isn’t then nothing on the outside can convince them otherwise.

INFJs Don’t Live By A Rule Book

They live by ensuring their values remain at the center of attention and as a core part of their personality. INFJs usually do not compromise in such situations and can be a little too demanding. Values are always their primary goal and top priority as they want to live in truth and sincerity. Values that shape up the communities around them are upheld to the utmost esteem and if required, rules can be made flexible to uphold such values. They simply never give up. Therefore, their entire personality revolves around this factor as they engulf themselves with principles that they deem to be significant. INFJs don’t live by a rule book, this simply dictates that their values shape them and nothing can withstand that.

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