The INFJ personality is one of the rarest types of personalities in the world, therefore it might be hard to find their true calling when it’s hard to find people with the same personality to relate to. INFJ stands for Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling and Judging. These initials are used in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) publications.

INFJ: Understand And Break Free From Your Own Limitations7 Facts About The Rarest Personality: INFJ (The Advocate)

The Very Rare INFJ Personality

Since INFJs make up less than one percent of the population, this makes it a very rare type of personality. However, INFJs do leave their marks on the world. There is an inborn sense of morality and idealism, as these people are diplomats. However, it is their J or Judging trait that sets them apart from the rest. In other words, people with this personality don’t sit back on the couch daydreaming all day. Instead, they have the full capability of taking real steps towards making a lasting positive impact and realizing their goals.

This personality type believes that their purpose in life is to help others. While the INFJ personality can be found doing charity work and involved in rescue efforts, their real goal is to fix the root of the problem so that no one needs rescuing.

Workaholics Past Breaking Point

In reality, taking care of themselves is something that all INFJs need to remember to do. They are full of conviction, zeal, and passion and can carry these out past their breaking point. They can get carried away with carrying out their beliefs. This results in stress, poor health, and exhaustion. When an INFJ is battling against criticism and conflict, this becomes especially apparent. They are so sensitive they force themselves to avoid personal attacks. When this doesn’t work, they fight back using unhelpful, irrational methods.

To this personality type, the world doesn’t have to be a bad place. There is no better type suited to create wrong or right movements successfully. They simply need to remember that as they take care of the world, they should take care of themselves as well.

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7 Facts About The Rarest Personality: INFJ (The Advocate)

Easy Connections

It is easy for the INFJ personality to make sensitive, warm connections with others. Rather than using fact and logic, they use compassion and heart-warming kindness. Many of their colleagues and friends may mistakenly assume them to be extroverted quiet types. In truth, INFJ needs to recharge and decompress on their own. It is a good idea not to be alarmed when they suddenly withdraw. This group is very sensitive to the feelings of others and expect that others will care for their feelings as well. This means giving them space every few days will do wonders for everyone concerned.

Strong But Gentle

Indeed, INFJs have the unique trait of having strong opinions and yet being very soft spoken. They will tirelessly fight for what they believe in. They are strong-willed and decisive but will not use this energy for selfish gain. Instead, INFJs act with sensitivity, conviction, imagination, and creativity to create balance rather than advantage. To the INFJ, the ideas of karma and egalitarianism are very attractive. They believe that compassion and love will help the world in great ways and will soften the power of hard-willed tyrants.

More to Give

All INFJs are hardwired to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Pretty much, the desire to create a better world is hard-wired into every INFJ DNA. They want to do something more meaningful in life, something that will benefit the whole world. Being a deep thinker, they will most likely try to figure out or analyze every aspect of their true purpose. Thinking too much about the future can sometimes give them anxiety and self-doubt. There are many directions to take and they want to avoid the wrong ones. INFJs pay a lot of attention to their friends, job and sometimes forget themselves. Creating a mind map or writing down everything they want to accomplish will reap the greatest results. After all, not only are they hard-wired to try and change the world, INFJs are also hard-wired to actually be able to accomplish this.

The Big Picture

INFJs have a fundamental need to contribute. The desire to share grace, values and wisdom with others is a force so powerful in the life of an INFJ. INFJs are highly intuitive, complex, caring, gentle, creative and artistic. There is a great importance placed on getting things done systematically and in an orderly way. There is a lot of faith put into intuition and instincts, and usually, these are right on track. In the workplace, INFJ’s are seen as independent, creative and with a natural affinity for service-oriented professions science and art.

Not Another Cogwheel

When it comes to the INFJ life purpose, this personality type is just not cut out to fit in modern society as another cogwheel. Rather, the INFJ’s life purpose is to bring light into the darkness and to bring hope to others. This personality is the one that guides lost souls back into paths of light, gently. INFJ can see right into the heart of human nature that they are sometimes amazed that others are unable to see what they are able to see.

Introspection and the INFJ Purpose

In general, being introspective is something that is necessary for INFJs to fulfill their purpose. Being introspective is the time to recharge, to regroup and rethink about what can be improved and what needs to be maintained. No matter how much you try to get away from your higher purpose, it is going to be impossible. The reason is that having a helpful nature and trying to improve the world is synonymous with INFJ. This personality is helpful, kind, charitable, selfless, just and will defend themselves or others only in an extreme condition. INFJs that don’t live to pursue what they feel is right in the world will sometimes feel as if something is missing, and that they are not pursuing their higher calling. This feeling will tend to persist until they do. For this reason, pursuing their goals to help make the world a better place is going to be very advantageous to the INFJ.

7 Facts About The Rarest Personality: INFJ (The Advocate)
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