Did your boyfriend just break up with you a few days ago and you feel like your world’s gonna end, the misanthropic way? I’m really sorry, but I reckon your boyfriend just visited this post and have memorized the steps on ‘how to get your ENFJ girlfriend’s heart stuck on the grueling humps of break-ups’.

Anyways, if you’re a chiseled scapegrace (sorry for the term)— interested only to superficial relationships, but wanted to scar big time on victimized ENFJs, then scat away, this will be helpful!

But all throughout you must keep this in mind:
Stepping out of that mawkishness and banal conversations need sage cheating.

In order for your plans to be put into action, you must have adequate knowledge about female ENFJs.
ENFJ = (EXTRAVERSION + INTUITION + FEELING + JUDGEMENT). They’re the ‘mentors’ or could be ‘the protagonist’ of the 16 types— one who’s into people, not ideas or theories. They are profoundly known for their benevolence and altruism, no doubt people are drawn to their innate charisma and passion for serving others. Anyways, you can use these as great advantages. Too kind- Too easy peasy to hurt.

Now, let’s moot on to the steps on how to break a female ENFJ’s heart the hardcore way.


As we all know, everyone has got their weaknesses—- blotches in themselves. But this time, don’t debilitate her, rather assist her in her frailty. Whiten up her flecks and fill her blanks even though you might vomit. But remember JUST THIS TIME.

    • Live in her ideals

ENFJ females are overly idealistic, one wrong move and she’s got subconscious doubts. Sullen introverts with a heart who see the world with wholly intuition best match female ENFJs. So Boy, make yourself look like one. Pretend. Make yourself look like someone who’s like a four-leaf clover; A good catch. Even though daftly, you’re not. I’ll assure you she’ll succumb eventually but this time catching her.

    • Give her utmost importance

ENFJs have problems in verbalizing their needs since they focus mainly on giving happiness to others which are unconsciously vexing. Don’t add on it. Her kindness must beget kindness too. As her loving (ugh!) boyfriend, give her genuine love and pukka attention. Don’t just make her give. Let her gain too— Gain something she’ll lose later.

    • Be of someone worth her trust

ENFJs have fluctuating self-esteem. So you must ‘Embrace her broken self’. She must share half her life to you. Stabilize her flimsy confidence by telling her a diamond’s so precious everyone wanted to have one.

    • Solve knotty knots together

ENFJs’ preemptive nature anchors their strong dislike on conflicts. If there’s a disharmony in a relationship, they’re more likely to evade or fudge them just to keep the peace rather than confront it. Don’t let her. Solve it early before it burgeons.

2. Show Some Flaws

No one wanted an oh-so-flawless kind of relationship. Even ENFJs who hated being at variance also seek for some thrills. Flare up sometimes. I mean almost barely. Show her weaknesses. Show her that even though you are great and understanding and solicitous and merely perfect, you still got fears. Let her fill your blanks just the way you filled hers. Believe me, she will.

3. Start Emptying What You’ve Filled

When everything’s stable, start changing. Slowly unveil what you have muffled.

    • Destroy her intuition’s liability

ENFJs as intuitive beings rapidly shift moods. You can use this as a tool in making a reason why on earth you can’t hammer away stuff in your relationship. Make yourself a wee bit dubious for her. But prove her wrong. Make her feel gamuts of twiddling emotions that’ll perplex her. Don’t worry she won’t break up with you, she had too many efforts invested.

    • Make her feel guilty

Baffle her conscience. Prove her you– forsooth are not changing. Prove her these are all false accusations. It is her who keep on tussling and over thinking. Trust me she’ll take up all the blame.

4. Break Up With Her

Break up with her because she’s squabbling and mewling much. Break up with her because you can’t work it out together. Break her. Breakups bring the utmost oppression than any other forms of social rejection because as cited, Romance ties into more primal parts of the brain. She’ll surely sulk about this over and over again.

5. Come Back

ENFJs after a relationship feel a lot of penitence but move on with relative ease. Boy, don’t let her, without your consent. Make her dwell in her fussy past. Make it her everyday nightmares. Come back when you sense she’s on her road towards moving on. Come back when you’re ready to break her heart the most grievous way ever. Let her destroy herself, her values, her principles just for the 2nd time around she can embrace you all again.

6. Break Her Heart The Hardcore Way

They say “Hope deceives more men than cunning”. The hope and anticipation that had been planted in her heart will sprout but will be devoid of any fulfillment. Betray her. Leave her. Leave her forlorn. Leave her empty.

  • Walk straight ahead.

  • Don’t look back.

  • Boy, don’t look back.

If you think this broke her. Yes, it did. Because nothing surpasses the pain caused by the anticipation that everything could still be perfect forever.
But if you think this is a piece of cake, I’m warning you, they’re highly charismatic, passionate bona fide, reliable, too many great adjectives to cite. They fill commitments with genuine love and sometimes they trust much to the extent it’s a shame to cheat. Remember what I’ve cited, ‘Stepping out of that mawkishness and banal conversations needs sage cheating.’ Sage cheating. You have to be cunning yourself because could be in the very end, It’s you who’s trapped… It’s you who’ve fallen.

Maybe this post ain’t about breaking a female ENFJs’ heart the hardcore way, rather teaching a callous scapegrace how to have a heart.

But If you’ve succeeded Congratulations! You’re not human anymore. Just some sort of a non-empathic crazy schnook. But you won’t feel it anyway because you don’t have a heart. But just in case you’re planning to have one, you can hit me up.

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