The Introverted, Sensing, Feeling and Judging preferences of ISFJs make them the world’s most frequently reported Myers-Briggs type. Known as “the Protectors” their strength in numbers keeps us in good hands.

Whenever you’re in need of protection in the form of an ISFJ, use these clues to help spot one in your time of need.

Enthusiastic Introversion

Cheering Crowd

With an endless supply of enthusiasm, it is easy to mistake ISFJs for extraverts. Their auxiliary extraverted feeling (Fe) is often noticed first and is especially apparent when they are eager to help.

You’re likely to see an ISFJ leading a protest or even screaming like a maniac during March Madness, which certainly doesn’t scream “introvert.” Yet their fanatical support stems from their dominant introverted sensing (Si).

Si is key when it comes practicality, hard-work and extreme loyalty. When an ISFJ’s loyalty gets excitable, they’re going to display this in their auxiliary form, Fe.  What you’ll see is a super cheerleader and excited, passionate teammate. Who doesn’t need one of those from time to time?

While their enthusiasm is easily contagious, it’s important to remember ISFJs are introverts at heart. They’re going to need alone-time to nourish their Si once their Fe has been exhausted. Don’t expect them to last long, or even show, at a March Madness after-party even when their 15-seed alma mater makes it to the Elite Eight. They’ll be much happier at home where they can store their memories from the game in their scrapbooks or internal hard drives.

At this point, it may seem like the perfect opportunity to heckle or smack-talk the ISFJ. Consider this your warning. Their dollar-store umbrella will suddenly turn into a luxury brand capable of poking out your eyes. It’s best not to mess with them when it comes to their undying loyalty.

Imaginative Sensing

child jumping in puddle

ISFJs dominant preference for Si makes it easy to assume they prefer practicality, unlike imaginative intuitives. Yet when combined with their auxiliary Fe their creativity will shine, especially when their creative outlets involve pleasing an audience or saving humankind.

Known ISFJs Beyoncé, Selina Gomez and Vin Diesel have definitely shown their creative sides in music, movies and during appearances on late-night talk shows. We wouldn’t have Sasha Fierce, Alex Russo or even Groot without their keen imaginations. In fact, if ISFJs were a baked good they’d be intricately decorated cupcakes, according to OPP. What’s more imaginative than that?

Still think imagination lies in the land of Intuition?

ISFJs tend to be the creative types likely to have flawless stitching on Project Runway or the perfectly cooked steak on Iron Chef. They create because harmony and pleasing others is their priority. If we allow their imagination to flourish they’ll easily please anyone from the Queen to a crowd of misfits.

So how does their imagination protect?

It boils down to their preference for Judging over Perceiving.

ISFJs can almost always guarantee you’ll receive a meticulous end-product. Whether it’s for work or play, they’ll get your personalized product just “right.” Did your best friend forget your birthday? The ISFJ will come through with a personalized gift (or cupcake) to ensure your day is extraordinarily special. Just get fired from your job? Count on the ISFJ to imagine a better scenario than the career you’ve been living. They’re also likely to help you to your next goal with meticulous resume-writing abilities or business-suit ironing.

Protective Feeling

With auxiliary Fe, it’s easy to recognize when ISFJs protect the feelings of others. But what about their own emotional self-care?

ISFJs are guardians of all feelings, including their own. Some attribute this as a weakness since it may lead to emotional instability. When viewed as a strength, however, the ISFJ’s superpowers know no bounds.

Give the ISFJ a bit of autonomy and their harmony-seeking will turn into big-picture world protection. Their introverted nature will help them develop a plan to keep themselves, and their loved ones, safe. If they don’t neglect their own needs during this time, they’re likely to achieve world domination.

Aren’t feelers supposed to be harmony-seeking at all costs?

Not always.

When an ISFJ’s values are threatened, he/she may pick a fight for justice. They’re even likely to let go of their protective sword of an umbrella to embrace the puddles and mud-slinging during a real-life altercation or twitter battle. While they may seem peaceful at first glance, they’re tried and true protectors who are willing to go to battle and fight for a good cause.

How ISFJs Protect

Strong Judging

Many ISFJs report being reluctant to change. This too can be seen as a weakness, but when viewed as a strength may save humanity.

Like ISTJs, ISFJs strongly honor traditional values. If and when these values are threatened, ISFJs will fight to protect their country’s honorable traditions. By preferring routine to adaptability, this will keep the ISFJ’s culture intact.

The preference for security over variety also helps ISFJs stay grounded to the cause at hand. They’re not likely to leave a sporting event at half-time, even if their team is down twenty points. They scheduled the entire game into their schedules, so they won’t leave on a whim unless there is an extreme emergency. To the athletes on the court or field, this gesture is seen as an extreme kindness.


We all have an independent spirit and personality, and ISFJs take this to an entirely new level. Helping others is part of their personality, along with their duty to protect. You’ll see them as enthusiastic, imaginative introverts who may appear to be crossing the line between extraversion and intuition. Their clear-cut feeling and judging will keep them on course to protect the ones they love most.

If you know an ISFJ, it’s wise to keep them on your good side. If any high school movie taught us anything, it’s that a cheerleader with a grudge will make everyone’s life miserable while a happy cheerleader will unify the school. Choose wisely.

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