“The world needs improvement.”

“We must build a better system.”

“We must improve ourselves.”

“The world needs to be more understanding.”

Those statements are few of the most common thoughts for an INTJ.

To begin with, these are the questions this article will answer:

What is a world?

How do INTJs interact with it?

What do INTJs think about it?

How do they see the world?

The World

We can describe the “world” as:

a.) the Earth and the entirety of it

b.) the society

c.) an environment in which a person interacts with.

INTJs can analyze things within themselves and other people. They often see the Bigger Picture leading them to draw conclusions based on the collected information and different worlds. It gives a hint to what the world means to an INTJ.

A Room of Possibilities

Something cannot exist without solid explanation and evidence. And INTJs often think about how and why things are as they are. Since Introverted intuition innately presents them thousands of possibilities from recorded data, they see that the universe is always a result of something.

An INTJ sees his/her environment of interaction like a potato garden. You can do a lot of things with potatoes. Hence, INTJs know this world similarly. Not a root crop, but the garden as the room with potatoes as possibilities.

A Mystery to Solve

There must be more of this round piece of spec floating in nowhere. Or somewhere. As you are not aware, Extroverted thinking whispers questions to INTJs every now and then. Though a minutia of observation leads them to a new set of questions which could sound irrelevant, for them, they are essential. Thus, if the presented data needed to a specific question were dubious, INTJs would seek a more logical answer to deliver the truth to oneself and others.

For INTJs, the world is a research material…a mystery to solve.

INTJs are Transparent (At Least They Wanted to Be)

If someone fools you, would you feel enthusiastic? Would you feel joy?. Lying has become a regular thing since the beginning of time as it is an instinct for survival. Hence, animals often deceive their enemies by optical illusions, and so do people.

INTJs give great importance to honesty and transparency. The truth is crucial to arrive at accurate predictions of outcomes. If the facts are suspicious, they will often seek out more information just for assurance (surf the internet or go to the library). After they determine the source of conflict, they will find a way to truth and help others in confusion. Thus, we can say they wear “lie-proof vests.”

(If you need reassurance, please contact the nearest INTJ in your area for verification.)

A Too Social Place?

INTJs are often seen as aloof and cold. Also, most have experienced being bullied as children and due to social pressures they experienced in social situations during younger years—most might have been bullies themselves during their adolescent period to understand the culture of the general population.

By the succeeding years of their lives, the sole purpose of social interaction becomes crystal-clear to them, and eventually, they seek to jive in with the society. This is not only beneficial in discovering more information but also in the corporate world where most INTJs’ career fall.

A relatively large population of INTJs thrive to improve their social skills whereby most of them succeed.

Lots of Irrationalities

The majority of population waste their time seeking popularity, fitting in with the society, becoming the next youngest billionaires, and the list goes on. While everybody is putting a lot of effort and money destroying the world through illogical methods, INTJs do not give much importance to the current status of things but the Bigger Picture. These individuals are busy trying to save the world from behind the scenes.

Instead of doing such things, they build systematic plans by providing an improvement in the way of living—eventually implementing them.

A Better Place

The world is in disorder, suffering the intolerance of the social rules, standards, and biases. However, INTJs know that the world isn’t supposed to be like this. On the contrary, they might reach different solutions to the misjudgments of the world’s already better solutions to every miscalculation of the world’s structure.

Although they do not live and see the world through their senses but instead see it in a planned and structured manner, INTJs feel that the world can be re-programmed and fixed. The world they see is a world that can be better and improved through the right actions and integrations. There is indeed something we can all do to make the world a better place.


The world as we see it is a training ground and a  constant battlefield for survival. It is full of struggles and hope. However, we can conclude that INTJs don’t usually see the world as it is but as what it can become. What they see, is the essence of it.

To INTJs, the world is not seen by the eyes but by the mind. Moreover, it is not what you see in front of you but what is behind it—the reason for its existence and why it is there. More importantly, what lies ahead of it and how it can be improved.

A universe is indeed a special place for an INTJ. A world that continually stimulates their minds pushes them for the pursuit of knowledge, excites them and inspires them to make changes for the betterment of itself.

INTJs aren’t the only ones who can think for the better—in fact, all of us can (cheers!)


Now that I have suggested some crucial points about how INTJs see the world, I recommend that it’s better to observe INTJs first. Asking them about certain things won’t irritate them. On the contrary, they will be excited to answer your questions.

As I am aware of the limited amount of information presented above, please contribute by commenting your personal experiences below!



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