10 ENTP Life Problems That You Might Relate

entp life problems

The life of the Extroverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Perceiver is a constant internal rollercoaster. With a calm and collected outer shell, much like an M&M. We’ve pulled together some of the daily ENTP life problems.

1. The “A-D-FGH-Z” thought process

Verbalizing ideas is difficult as thought processes aren’t linear but based mostly on association. However, there is no explanation for the rest.

2. The derailing of thoughts and run away sentences

Do you have a friend that will stop mid sentence to voice an annoyance and carry on with a completely new conversation? This leaves you baffled and slightly wondering where this topic came from. But wait, your ENTP friend hasn’t forgotten the conversation you were originally having for long! It will resurface, blended from the discussion they started after voicing an annoyance. It may or may not have been tied to the original discussion at all. Who knows?

3. All of the lost hopes, and dreams

Hours, days, and sometimes weeks are devoted to making a dream happen. Some of them are writing a novel, painting the best-looking oil painting you’ve ever seen or buying a house. Well, ENTPs dream big and work hard. However, they dream often and hate passing up good ideas. So when a better idea comes along. The first is without (immediate) regret, abandoned.

The regret hits months or years later when you are doing something useless with your time. Then inspired by a grand new idea. Until you realize… it’s an old idea that you let die.

4. Curiosity – a constant rabbit hole

It is both great and terrible that ENTP’s will follow curiosity to no end. While they aren’t the only MBTI with this problem or gift, they are definitely the most and least organized in going about it. While you may have several tabs open during research, the odds are an ENTP will also have a completely different window open for material that is being referenced more frequently than the others. Without a doubt, the most successful utilizers of recent Windows screen managing functions.

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This cultivates for the constant learner. A feeling of pride in learning new things and a source of irritation for close friends who learn new things unwillingly.

5. Deadlines and Time

A constant phrase you can expect from any ENTP is “I’ll be right there” or its sister, “I’m working on it right now.” This lives next door to that pesky curiosity problem. ENTPs can’t stand to be anything less than experts. So yes, they may be working on it “right now” but you may never see how this tied in with the task at hand. And yeah they might be on their way but technically, isn’t getting ready a step in being “on the way”. Semantics are a weapon of ENTPs.

6. Speaking on concepts

The combined “thinking-perceiving” often comes to light most when ENTPs are feeling exceptionally extroverted (more on this later). A few moments into a conversation and the topic is how the original thought is affecting society, philosophical development of humanity, and slightly associated but many interesting topics that require analyzing the invisible things of life. Thoughts, dreams, and emotions… nothing is safe.

7. The most introverted of the extroverts

As provided in #6, ENTPs love cultivating and leading conversations even though it takes a lot of energy. The ENTP will often find themselves lacking energy to perform on the level they believe is to be expected or lost in thought attempting to follow everyone else interacting in the discussion.

8. The opposite of everything

The introverted-extrovert. Analytical and understanding. Hardworking goal chasers – lazy. Mature and childish. ENTPs operate in opposites. They want to passionately debate and be right, but never argue or make someone feel they were wrong to understand something a certain way.

It is through this balance of living in opposite modes of operation that ENTPs can stabilize being extroverts too often locked in internal thoughts.

9. The ones people love to hate

Many fictional characters have been crafted around the ideals of not beating around the metaphorical bush and saying what’s on their mind. The characters are loved in real life, they are respected but not invited to parties. These are the ENTPs. They will spew out the truth and then comment on how people probably see it different ways.

10. There’s always something better

Life as an ENTP is a constant quest for the next best thing. This goes hand in hand with letting so many things go to pursue other interests. ENTPs aren’t merely content to be, content. This leads to a variety of things outside of serial goal chasing. When shopping it’s the constant anxiety of getting the best or most useful and compromise is difficult. The same goes when writing papers. No daily activity is left alone. A simple task such as walking the dog becomes a pursuit to find the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to get the job done.


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