Known as the Commander of the MBTI, it is easy to fear an ENTJ. Fictional characters of this type include Ari Gold from Entourage and destroyer of the Marvel Universe, Thanos.

Cold-blooded and unforgiving, ENTJs carry a reputation of ruthless straightforwardness and unrelenting effectiveness. Think of burning a quiche in front of Gordan Ramsey and you’ll have an ENTJ.

Yet like all types, they are needed and add great benefit to our world. If you’re reading this on your iPhone thank the apple ENTJ, Steve Jobs. Or Microsoft ENTJ, Bill Gates for your SurfacePro.

Valuing efficiency and logic helps ENTJs create master plans for success, and their carefully cultivated intuition makes them true visionaries. Yet if you do experience their wrath, refer to this guide to find solace.

Cognitive Functions:

Each of the 16 types uses a unique set of cognitive functions, and ENTJs are no different. The first two, dominant and auxiliary, are used most often while the second two, tertiary and inferior, remain under the surface in our subconscious. This makes the dominant and auxiliary functions more developed and easily used, while the tertiary and inferior rarely come into play.

Check out the infographic below to understand more about how ENTJs operate cognitively. It should help you gain insight into how they operate, which will be needed to prepare for their high expectations.

Things You Should Know About ENTJ Personalities (The Commander)

They’re Leaders

You’ll often find an ENTJ in a leadership role. With the highest number of employees reporting to this type, your most hated, or well-respected, boss was likely an ENTJ.

ENTJs not only know what works, they know exactly how to accomplish their plans. Te is powerful when it comes to taking a clear-cut course of action, and Ni will help an ENTJ find certainty in their future plans.

If you’re one of the many managed by an ENTJ, be careful to avoid veering off their well-thought-out plans.  If you waver, know to expect repercussions for your actions.

This is not to say all ENTJs are unwavering or unkind. In fact, it is possible for ENTJs to show compassion, especially when compassion is a logical course of action for a particular situation. In many cases it is logical to be kind, and Ni is especially useful at shifting an ENTJs perspective in differing situations. It is not necessary to fear an ENTJ, but it is helpful to show respect toward their values.

If you’re ever on an ENTJ’s bad side, use logic as a base for your apology. They are less concerned with harmony and will want an action-plan for how you will solve the problem you created.

Quick-Wit and Sharp Tongue

ENTJs are often highly confident which can intimidate others. This may be because their confidence does not stem from feeling, a harmony-seeking preference. Rather, their confidence stems from their unwavering logic and highly focused intuition. This can lead their Te to bluntness, which can either be humorous, hurtful or both.

Things You Should Know About ENTJ Personalities (The Commander)

Famous funny ENTJs include David Letterman and Jim Carey, and both have also experienced controversy over their humor. Their quick-wit can point out flaws in others, which will either spike outrage or leave you thanking them and wanting more. The latter often makes them the life of any party.

It all comes down to ENTJs knowing how things should be executed. If something is out of place, bizarre or just plain ridiculous, they are likely to point it out with a bit of humor attached.

If you are a victim of an ENTJ’s wit, find peace in knowing you are also valuable and unique. While ENTJs notice logic, they can miss out on new ideas and are known for being impatient. They too have weaknesses and sometimes it’s best to agree to disagree. Their Ni may shift their perspective over time, so it’s not necessary to cut them off entirely due to hurt feelings.

Always Logic, even in Love

Adele, a known ENTJ, had massive success with “Hello.” It’s a tragic love song, which on the surface may sound like a feeler wrote the lyrics. But take another look at the chorus below:

Things You Should Know About ENTJ Personalities (The Commander)

It’s all about logic! And not only logic, but how Adele went about her well-constructed plan of executing an apology. It’s possibly the most ENTJ song of all time. It expresses a logical course of action that failed to go according to plan, therefore making the ENTJ sad.

Now the song is probably stuck in your head like any other ENTJ order. They were born to command an audience and expect attention, which is exactly what Adele accomplished.

Adele aside, it may be difficult to express your feelings to an ENTJ friend, family member or romantic partner. It may even be beneficial to have your feelings met elsewhere until you can frame them in a logical manner for the ENTJ.

Once your emotions are balanced, it can be helpful to confront the ENTJ with, “All humans have emotions, and what happened made me feel _____. How do you think we can work on this?”

It not only suggests a plan but compliments the ENTJ’s ego and need for attention, which will be sure to pique their interest. Just be sure to expect bluntness and even criticism. Preferring logic does not delete an ENTJ’s emotion.

In Conclusion

Understanding the well-executed logic behind an ENTJ is the key to your survival. They may be blunt, harsh and even terrifying, but make up for it with guidance, knowledge and plan for accomplishing their visions of greatness.

*Please note: all people are different even with shared MBTI Types. Like all types, ENTJs can and will act out of preference. To learn more, contact a certified MBTI practitioner about the Step II Assessment.

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