ENFPs are one of the most career focused Myers-Briggs types. Part of this comes from the unending number of possibilities available to them. ENFPs excel in so many areas and maintain a friendly, engaging extroversion that puts them in the spotlight naturally. If ENFPs face aversion to their natural success in their career, it is often from someone who is jealous or controlling and doesn’t want them to succeed. But ENFPs know better than to let someone stand in their way. So, how do ENFPs take charge in their work environments?


iNtuitive Feeler Career Styles

ENFPs are often seen as the “Campaigner” or “Champion” type and it rings true. It isn’t relying on talent, although it may seem that way to an outsider. They win because of a combination of hard work and developed skills. Through this ability to put in the hard work and make it seem easy, they have set the standard for change agents. A more recent position that companies have taken on, but a proven cornerstone for success. Based on their strong extroverted iNtuition, ENFPs can identify areas for improvement. Maintaining their goals of long term success. Regardless of the career path an ENFP chooses, they will almost always be the mover and the shaker of the team or company.

Freedom, Projects, and Avoiding Repetition

When an ENFP is at work they are driven by side projects. Although there are many other struggles that ENFPs face, the opportunity to work with less restraint than the traditional workplace allows is a constant struggle for them. To find a company that cultivates creativity and rewards hard work.

Beware of systematic or repetitive environments. Not only do these dampen their natural charismatic tendencies, but also their spontaneity. It limits them from taking risks. Jobs which require a lot of data-entry are not for them. This is true for many administrative based careers as well. Unless of course, they luck out with an innovation focused company. Also, with their energy and passion to always jump into their next project some minor details of mundane work, won’t get done. ENFPs don’t intentionally cut short quality. They just have a well-developed understanding of the difference between trivial, and unnecessary.

What They Won’t Tolerate

ENFPs share a sort of superpower with the other Te (extroverted Thinkers) of Myers-Briggs personalities. They hold the ability to clearly, and concisely attack a goal with logic and reasoning. This means that any communication difficulties aside, ENFPs are the map makers. This falls in with their campaigning and champion titles. Without the map, ENFPs know there is too little structure and too much risk. Yet, with a loose but determined set of actions, any goal is achievable. This often leads to ENFPs entering into management or other leadership type positions. Well, that and their charismatic, optimistic nature. So is the line drawn, what won’t an ENFP put up with on their career track?


Some personalities thrive under micro managers. Some die a little inside but wouldn’t get anything accomplished otherwise. But, for an ENFP a micromanager can so to say, flip their script. The optimistic, outgoing, risk taking, ENFP shuts down. For many reasons which become evident pretty quickly. One, as the champion, ENFPs enjoy recognition which is often denied under micro managers. Although ENFPs are more than willing to share the glory, a micromanager won’t have access to the ENFP’s brilliant ideas. Two, as Feelers, they feed off of the negative environment created by micro managers. Feelers do not take low-trust management styles such as micromanaging well. Finally, the third reason which causes ENFPs to shut down is the stifled creativity. As mentioned before, ENFPs enjoy drawing the map. If a map is given to them they will identify more efficient and more effective methods. If they aren’t given the chance to contribute to the big picture, ENFPs will often close off all contribution.

A Career in Brainstorming

In this campaigning, championing, mentality there is an explosion of all the ways to “win”. Everything becomes a sport. Sometimes a blood sport so watch you when an ambitious ENFP comes your way! Most ENFPs may not have noticed that they’ve crafted a career solely based on their ability to brainstorm. Regardless of how good or bad an idea is, it gets pitched. There is a level of trust in campaigning for the best idea but allowing others to build on a different concept around it for the best possible outcome. There isn’t the restriction of “my way or the highway” that is usually seen by other types. ENFPs can take one idea as a very loose foundation and build actionable steps to cultivate it into some other beast.

Where ENFPs Build Careers

So where can ENFPs find a career that will let them build on their creativity, be a map maker, and win? These are all skills in concept which spans so many industries. This is the struggle that many ENFPs face when it comes down to picking only one thing to do for the rest of their lives.

First and foremost, consulting. Although the business world can be viewed as restrictive, consulting is unique. Often consultants come in as third-parties to give advice and direction to a company in need. This also lets ENFPs bounce around, catering to their shorter than average attention capacity.

Another great option for ENFPs in a way different direction is a detective or investigative work. Not to be limited to the standard police department perception. Working as an investigator can reduce a large amount of repetition in an administrative position. These jobs are available in large companies and regulatory agencies. Even government opportunities are available like with the Post Office.

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