ENFP: Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceptive

ENFPs are Inspirational! They are some of the most enjoyable people to be around. However, here are some ENFP struggles.

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  1. Lack of Follow Through

    ENFPs are idea generators, often full of crazy notions and plans and even schemes. Be careful though, for they can often get caught up in the excitement of the moment and not follow through on the plans. Notorious for enjoying the “newness” of an idea, they forget to complete the task or project!

  2. Disinterest in Maintenance Tasks

    The ENFP does not like routine or repetitive maintenance tasks like taking out the garbage, filling out forms, and ironing the shirts. These things do not captivate the bubbly ENFP. These tasks become a drag while the ENFP craves a little excitement and creativity. Daily maintenance tasks like grocery shopping or cleaning are left to the wayside while more captivating pursuits are explored.

  3. Not Good with Detail

    The ENFP is always ready to write their novel and show the world how creative they are, but there is a tiny problem with the finer details. Punctuation counts! Be aware of ENFPs who don’t prove their work.

  4. Inconsistent

    ENFPs like to try new things so they can come across as very inconsistent. One minute they are fascinated by learning a new language and the next minute they are researching rocks in Iceland. It can be hard for family members to understand that ENFPs like to explore and they can come across as scattered or inconsistent.

    15 ENFP Struggles They Wished You Knew

  5. Frequently Suffer from Burnout

    ENFPs are scanners, always on the alert for things in their environment that may interest them. They frequently suffer from muscle tension and can work themselves into a frenzy over things thereby leading to emotional and even physical burnout. Slow down ENFPs!

  6. Poor Skills at Applying Judgement

    Applying judgement is not the forte of the ENFP type. They are by instinct intuitive types that do not do well when applying judgment to perception. All that enthusiasm and energy for life does not transfer well into making judgements. The smallest of actions can be detected by the perceptive ENFP and grossly misinterpreted.

  7. Fear of Criticism

    This is a tough one for the ENFP, they dislike being criticized. While on the surface, they may seem all cool and confident, deep down they really do not like to be given negative feedback. They are often said to be “sensitive” or “thin-skinned”. The ENFP really needs to work on boosting their ability to fend off unflattering comments or careless words spoken by others.

  8. Can be Manipulative

    Given what great speakers ENFPs are, they are also quite good at steering conversations to their liking! Their persuasion skills are strong and they know just how to maneuver a conversation to get what they want. Watch out for the ENFP, they may surprise you and get what they want right from under your nose!

  9. Bored with Reality

    Ok, so everyone gets a little bored sometimes. The free-spirited ENFP takes this a step further and gets bored of everything. Old relationships are abandoned for new ones, jobs are changed and it keeps going. Now you can see how they crave excitement. Day-to-day life can become tiresome and the ENFP inevitably gets bored. It is wise for the ENFP to pick a path and stick to it.

  10. Emotional

    Happy, sad, angry, elated, depressed, and happy again. All in one day. Whew! It can be tiring for those around the ENFP who is fluttering from one emotion to the next and taking their loved ones on a roller coaster of emotions. Time-out. ENFPs need to slow down and enjoy the moment.

  11. Dislike being Controlled

    The free-spirited ENFP does not like being controlled or labeled. They are independent free spirits who like to take risks and do things as they feel compelled to. ENFPs dislike routine and control. Do not try to control your ENFP partner, they will very strongly oppose any attempts to confine them.

  12. Can be too Intense

    While the ENFP exudes energy and spontaneity, they are sometimes accused of being too intense by other types who are interested in enjoying the moment and taking things slow. ENFPs are best paired with other types who enjoy a little excitement and intensity. The imagination and expression of the ENFP can be overwhelming for other quieter personality types.

  13. Trouble in School or a Lack of Concentration

    ENFPs are typically very bright and with a great aptitude for many types of scholastic endeavors. However, they do not like to concentrate for too long at a time so they may find more detailed studying too confining and lack the concentration to complete the tasks at hand.

  14. Scattered

    The ENFP can come across as unconventional and scattered due to their many pursuits and hobbies and projects and interest in all things new. It is good for the ENFP to try to focus while staying on path and learn to enjoy the satisfaction of completing a task.

  15. Can Be Easily Misled By Others Who Are Dishonest

    ENFPs are a very trusting type of personality and are very much interested in pleasing everyone in the room. This leaves them vulnerable to people taking advantage of their open and pleasing personalities.

15 ENFP Struggles They Wished You Knew

ENFPs should work towards enjoying the moment and not rushing through life. If they can remain centered for long enough to achieve their goals they are capable of great accomplishments. The ENFP is one of the most well-liked personality types! They exude confidence and energy that lightens up a room and brings happiness to all of those in their presence.

15 ENFP Struggles They Wished You Knew

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