ENFPs are among some of the most positive and most influential personalities that walk among us. There isn’t any beating around the bush with them, but they always seem to have a diplomatic and really, nice, way of saying things. But this may seem overwhelming to some people as it creates a misrepresentation of who they are. You hear things like, “She acts like she wants to make everyone happy but not really, such an ENFP move.”

Statements like that aren’t fair, and you’re about to see why. How does the ENFP personality operate?

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Positivity and (light) Planning Combined

So, the statement we used as an example above, well this ENFP probably does just want ‘everyone’ to be happy. But, this goal gets kind of lost in the mix because for ENFPs enjoying the moment can be really difficult.

ENFPs battle their constant worry about how the many facets of life work together with lots of planning. This is the one Feeling and intuitive personality that takes a moderately analytical approach to processing their emotions. The emotions of others are already absorbed through their perceiving abilities.

Using a positive mindset with their super planning abilities, ENFPs control their anxiety or worries to make the most out of every situation. They are known to be exceptionally impulsive though when around good friends.

Superhuman Stress Coping Abilities

Not only does a positive mindset get them far in processing their own feeling but it allows them to handle very intense situations much better than most.

The downfall of many ENFPs, or most intuitive Feelers, is over reading a situation or overthinking the possibilities. This can destroy even the most positive mindset. It doesn’t help that ENFPs can be very emotional at times and are prone to being sensitive on subjects they are passionate about.

This is where the superhuman stress coping abilities come in. Despite the fact that working intuitively as an extrovert can lead to a lot of social stress, and the fact that being sensitive or emotional can be seen as a weakness to the other diplomatic types… this doesn’t faze the ENFP for long.

ENFPs use not only their charisma, positive influence and natural extroversion to overcome social stress. They almost thrive in it. When they find themselves overthinking or reading too far into a situation they quickly pull back. They rely heavily on their strong relationships to identify genuine areas of concern to focus on instead of getting lost in nonsense.

Famous ENFP Robert Downey Jr has a great quote on worrying…

“Worrying is like praying for something that you don’t want to happen.”

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Genuine Human Interest

Like many of their fellow perceiver types, ENFPs are interested in what makes those around them ‘tick’. It’s almost a form of entertainment, and ENFPs can be some of the most adept an identifying the personality types on first blush.

However, they use their extroverted nature and chase down their goals armed with a well-honed intuition. They don’t see people’s quirks or odd habits as a waste of time. They don’t see oddities to be a reason to create distance. Instead, their curiosity is peaked and they find new projects or issues to take on full force.

When an ENFP finds something they want to fix or change they are unstoppable. Utilizing their intuitive nature they have a knack for creative problem-solving. Then they bring in their perceiving abilities and extroversion as a force to be reckoned with.

Some famous ENFPs that you can easily see this in are Kelly Clarkson, Robert Downey Jr., and Will Smith.

Never Ending Energy

It might be their ability to quickly understand and prioritize but ENFPs seem like they never stop going. They are the energizer bunny of the personality lot. ENFPs are seen as the “Campaigner” of the 16 personalities and most of this image comes from their ability to doggedly pursue a goal to full completion.

ENFPs use a combination of observation, enthusiasm, and charisma to place key components into prime areas so every situation seems successful to the outside eye. However, for ENFPs it is a delicate balance of knowing when to step back and let things happen and when to take charge.

There isn’t a time when there is nothing going on for ENFPs, even relaxing and having fun is usually driven by close friends and life experiences. This makes them one of the most fun types to be around. If you have an ENFP friend, take advantage!


The true double-edged sword of the ENFP personality, this is often counted as a weakness but rather it is strength in disguise. Many times people confuse extroverted personality types with partiers and a heavy reliance on people. This couldn’t be further from the truth though.

ENFPs do feed on energy from being around people and take a great interest in those around them. However, ENFPs are hyper-independent, making them stand out as decision makers, leaders and well, campaigners. They don’t rely on other people to make decisions or suggest a new course of action. Why?

Because they’re perfectly capable of choosing their next step themselves. ENFPs keep their heavy-duty communication skills at hand to combat the perception that they are bossy. Instead, they challenge the ideas and concepts not the person giving them. This is a true trait of independence as there is no intent to harm another person for the sake of it.

ENFPs in a nutshell

Overall, ENFPs make great friends and often find themselves in leadership positions. This can be daunting for them because of their need for independence but they always gravitate back towards leadership. They use a sparkling charisma to battle stress and know how to prioritize so that everything gets accomplished.

A true superhero of the 16 personalities!

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