No matter how depressed you feel, there is always something that can give you a bit of lift so you can embrace the way you feel. Here are a few things that I found can help you live with depression.

Be Ready For The Day

The first mistake people make is not getting ready in the morning. Hovering in your dressing gown and starting tasks before you’ve eaten is a big no-no. Take a shower and get dressed straight away to feel ready for what’s ahead, and you’ll find you can be a little more productive if you eat breakfast. Keeping your energy levels up and feeling optimistic about your day is the best place to start.

7 Ways I Found To Embrace Depression

Forget Social Media

Many of us will at some point get distracted by our mobile device, TV or social media. Switch off any technology that can distract you, and remember to focus on your own life. What’s the good in comparing yourself to someone on Facebook who you hardly know, and assuming they have the best life? The majority of social media only shows the good bits in people’s lives, so don’t get precious over what you see. Be you and feel what you feel.


When you’re feeling confused and down, a good pick-me-up is to write a list. You may feel overcome with tiredness or overwhelmed with to-do’s, but by simply charting your tasks in a list, you’ll be able to start thinking clearly. It may even motivate you to complete one of your chores! Tick off everything as you go for extra accomplishment points, and always refer back to your list so you always know what’s next.

Have Some ‘Me Time’

With depression, your brain feels numb and also kind of frazzled. Take some time out to relax, run a hot bath and light a scented candle. Only invite positive thoughts along to the party, and rather than trying to forget your mental illness, embrace it. You’ll be a lot happier doing so, trust me.

7 Ways I Found To Embrace Depression

Nourish Yourself

As busy as your mind may be, you must remember to drink plenty and replenish your body with the energy it needs. You come first, so look after yourself with lots of yummy goodness in the form of fruit and veg (and maybe the occasional treat!). It will help improve your mood and get your body feeling energized – brilliant for embracing your depression!

Once you find some motivation to combat depression, it’s likely you’ll want to get everything done in a day. However, you need to set a target that is more realistic to keep yourself on track. Expecting a lot of yourself will only stress you out and your morale will lower. Have the view that you won’t complete too much, then you’ll be pleased with what you’ve achieved and feel better than ever before!

Have Something To Look Forward To

Having to deal with depression 24/7 is tough, so you need to have your downtime too. Plan something at the end of your day or week that you can look forward to so you’ll feel like you’ve achieved a lot! Treating yourself will boost your mood and give you time to relax. Channel your inner therapist and embrace the depression, but remember depression is not you.

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