The word “introvert” has been around since the last century after it had been presented by the psychologist Carl Jung. Today this concept is an essential part of personality tests, including the wide-known Myers-Briggs typology. But what does it really mean? Even these days the majority of people don’t really understand who the introverts are.

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If you are an introvert, people tend to jump to conclusions and label you as “shy”, “cold”, “unsociable”, and simply look at you differently. They don’t understand that it’s your personality, not your hatred towards other people. While extroverts are powered by other people’s energy, introverts are calm and prefer being alone with their thoughts. It doesn’t mean that they don’t like people. It doesn’t mean that they are antisocial. And you don’t need to change or cure them. All that introverts need is understanding and some time alone.

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And even though introverts like their own company, they are surely able to love, care, and be passionate. However, like any other human relationships, introvert relationships are associated with certain problems and difficulties. So, if you belong to the introvert world, you will probably find yourself in the next lines.
introverts in relationships

  1. Your partner doesn’t understand that sometimes you need to be by yourself. “Why are you ignoring me? Why don’t you want to spend time with me? Don’t you miss me?” These questions often appear in introvert relationships.
  2. You simply want to sit next to your loved one in silence, and that’s enough for you. Moreover, sometimes you believe that’s the perfect pastime. But your partner doesn’t think so and wants to talk non-stop.
  3. You worry about being annoying. How many times did you stop yourself from talking simply because you thought your partner felt bored or annoyed by the conversation? That’s a normal thing for many introverts in their relationships.
  4. You don’t like (or don’t know how) to talk about yourself. First dates can be a real nightmare because your new crush wants to know about you everything and you don’t even know how to start talking about yourself.
  5. You dream about settling down. You want your relationship to become more calm and stable, without loud parties and regular social interactions. While your partner can be excited about going to a bar, you dream about staying at home and watching a movie with your loved one.
  6. You don’t like when people take pictures of you. Of course, like in every relationship, your loved one keeps asking you to smile and puts a camera in front of your face. “Honey, I just want to collect all these wonderful memories,” he or she might say. That’s what happens in introvert relationships: you have to stand there and awkwardly smile even when you feel uncomfortable.
  7. Your potential partner thinks that because you are an introvert, you are cold in bed and have no sexual desires. Because you’re more quiet and discreet, people think that you can’t be passionate in their relationships.
  8. You have to dance in front of other people. On a wedding, in a bar, at a party – your partner keeps asking you, “dance with me”. That makes you feel uncomfortable, but you still do it because you don’t want to hurt your loved one.
  9. You prefer texting to phone calls. Let’s face it: you feel like texting makes every relationship easier, especially introvert relationships. You worry about looking silly or needy, that’s why you need some time to think about your answer. But it surely doesn’t mean that you don’t want to hear your partner’s voice.
  10. You feel anxious before every date. First dates can make you really nervous as well as second and third ones. Introverts in relationships often panic or feel anxiety before going out. “What if I say something stupid? What if they feel uncomfortable in my company?” These questions pop up in every introvert’s head before a date.
  11. You like online conversations more than real-life communication. Again, just like with texting and phone calls, communicating online is easier for you when you’re an introvert. You often worry that you can ruin your relationship after meeting in a real life.
  12. Double dates make you want to scream. Introvert relationships aren’t easy, but when extra people get involved, you feel like you can’t bear it, right?

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