Dating an ENFP is like going on a grand adventure, but like all adventures, there is a beginning, a middle and an end.  It is the end part of the adventure that can be a difficult time for an ENFP because they so enjoy the excitement of newness. ENFP’s crave adventure like an addiction. They want to keep exploring. They love new ideas and the possibilities. This is where you can intervene and bring in a level perspective to the relationship and show off your complementary pursuits. You can demonstrate to the ENFP how to continue enjoying life after the adventure ends. You can persuade them to see the beauty in the more mundane aspects of daily life.

So how does one sign up for the adventure and keep the relationship progressing along until the next adventure? The magic is to complement the ENFP rather than be too much like them. Similarity is good but opposites can also bring a fresh perspective that is novel and unique for the ENFP.  The key is to be complementary enough so that the relationship works for both of you. You should be yourself and by doing so encourage and provoke different opinions so that you can work together as partners.

If your high-spirited ENFP likes bold colors, then you can complement in your more sedate colors. If the ENFP likes to spontaneously book vacations, you can be the sensible one. The sensible one who points out that saving more money will get you a longer adventure or perhaps another goal? Be the face of reason that helps corral the ENFP into seeing that your stable personality is complementary to their free-spirited, gregarious personality.

  • E=Extroverted -gets their energy from external sources
  • N=Intuitive -likes opportunities and ideas
  • F=Feeling -decides with the heart
  • P=Perceiving -prefers to go with the flow and have flexibility

The best match for an ENFP is someone that is a balance to their extroverted and creative personality. The extroverted intuition (Ne) compels the ENFP to put their ideas and dreams into action. The ENFP is an optimist who likes to inspire other people to reach their full potential. They are future-oriented and like to dream about endless possibilities. A good match can be found in the introverted types who share the intuition function. Relationships that present a lot of potential to complement can be intriguing for the ENFP. Better matches present fundamentally similar values and motivations otherwise a clash can occur. It is always good when there are plenty of things in common. The ideal pairing for an ENFP is someone who will support their spontaneous and creative side and expresses affection openly to the ENFP and frequently.

How To Prepare For Your ENFP Dating Adventure:

1. Book your adventure together

  • Do not let your ENFP partner book their adventure alone or you may end up in the Amazon jungle somewhere without a guide. (which for most people is not safe)
  • Get involved from the beginning! A partnership means including you in their plans. (you need to be included and taken seriously)
  • Make sure it is an activity you do together and do not let them take over without considering where you want to go. (it is not all about them)
  • Reason with their idea to go trekking off the beaten track and let them know that it is ok to have some structure for your adventure. (flaunt your sensibility)

2. Get in shape

  • ENFP’s like spontaneity at a moment’s notice, so stay in shape. (you may be required to hike up a mountain)
  • When you are at your best, you can wear anything you want. (disco wear or athletic wear)
  • Staying in shape is good training for keeping yourself grounded. (especially when your ENFP is falling off course)

3. Pack your bag

  • Pack your necessities: toothbrush, comb, medications and the things you cannot buy on your adventure. (flaunt your sensible side, the perfect complement to a forgetful ENFP)
  • Bring extra copies of your passports (being prepared saves many a disaster)
  • Bring a book or your tablet to keep you occupied while the ENFP burns off energy doing many senseless things (when you are prepared you are less likely to whine at them about how your feet hurt)

4. Try new things and meet new people

  • Be open to meeting new people as the ENFP will no doubt introduce you to all kinds of new friends and some will be favorable and others, not so…. (ENFP’s like to socialize)
  • Accept their friends (you will often be sharing your ENFP extrovert)
  • Step out of your boundaries once in while (ENFP’s like to explore)

5. Get some insurance

  • Yes, you will need insurance of all types! Travel, car, mortgage, accidental, etc. because the ENFP loves to try all new things in life
  • Be realistic about what you can handle and what your limits are (not everyone wants to trek in a dangerous savannah somewhere in Africa)
  • Keep your independence as it is your best insurance and stick to your limits (do not let the charming ENFP make you give up your comfort zone for too long)

6. Enjoy your adventure

  • Think of all the fabulous memories you are building together!
  • Complement your ENFP frequently and praise their efforts (ENFP like to express emotion)
  • Gather and organize all the photographs together! (your ENFP partner will thank you)
  • And remember-> to be one-half of the ENFP team; you will have to be the steady, strong one (your ENFP partner will adore you to the moon if you keep their life in order because they simply are not able to without YOU…)

Dating An ENFP


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