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Relationships and friendships both rely on two people coming together for a lasting bond. Our personalities are the foundation of how we view and interact with the world, and the people in it. Do you have a personality that craves attention? Or do you need friends and significant other’s to offer insightful conversation? Maybe, you just want to have fun and need someone to do the same! We are breaking down the best matches for long-lasting relationships between MBTI types.


The authoritative voice that brings order to any environment finds solace in the thinking types. The planning and critical nature crave the similar natured iNtuitive Thinkers. ENTJ’s often find themselves placing a very high value on intelligence and set these expectations high on others too. Making the INTP their best match. The INTP will compete with the ENTJ in a subtle way that challenges their wit and keeps them on their toes.  ENTJs will enjoy the need to provide fact-checking information in heated but loving debates on nearly, everything. The keen observers will never be let down with an INTP.


Constantly craving a new challenge, ENTPs find this struggle daily in introverts. This devil’s advocate personality type works to pull INFJ’s out of their shells. The perceiving filter on their interpretation brings them to appreciate the laid-back appeal of the INFJ. However, this same appeal can become frustrating as the ENTP, a constant “Doer” sees all of the wasted time for productivity. The ENTP in search of making their own lives as difficult as possible sees this as the loving bond fueling a long-lasting relationship. The constant struggle for innovation is tolerated with kindness from INFJs.


Loosely committed to not very much, INTP’s put their focus on the big picture and are open to new ideas. They seek similar people and want those around them to understand linear, logical thinking. By bringing in their own types or their sister type INTJ, then ensure those around them can almost always understand their thinking. Excellent in explaining detailed concepts concisely, the INTJ takes their judgment abilities to aid in the execution of INTPs perceived ideas. However, while they seek their own like nature people they are often what other types are looking for in long-lasting relationships! Watch out INTPs! This is the perfect storm for the quiet power couple you wouldn’t want to cross. Both are great friends, not only to each other but to their associated couples as well. The envy of all other MBTI couplings.  The fellow INTJ is the yin to INTPs Yang in passion pursuits, keeping to goals and together taking on the world.


Peace lovers of the MBTI 16, ISFJ’s just want to belong. This can cause them to be a bit high maintenance and may be demanding. But, the perfect person to deal with this behavior? They’re own type!  It pays off though as ISFJs live in the moment and are consistent in their actions. Much like another long loved saying, Two ISFJs are better than one. They are a tumultuous storm of fun and excitement in the form of dosed out spontaneity. Like the INTPs, they seek what they find to be familiar. Their own type, very often, fits best. However, the daring, ISFJs fit well with the extroverted intuitive on rare occasion. If you find you can’t stand yourself from time to time. The struggle of being too stubborn to ask for help is satiated only by their fellow kindred hearts.


Opinionated, constantly in search of debate, and possibly what some would call… stubborn. These are INTJs best and worst traits when it comes down to relationships. They don’t fool anyone with their introverted nature. The thinking, judging combination is a formula for disaster. Being opinionated or decisive fits in well with these types that are often overly critical, and prevents this introvert from being overruled.  While their search for a good debate is their own way of exercising their intelligence. Where they find peace and happiness are in their near polar opposite, the ENFP. The bold extremes are unphased by ENFPs while their iNtuitive nature is leveraged as a commonality. The two go together like well, peanut butter and jelly.


The lifelong learners that ENFJs match well with the peace-loving INFPs. They take great joy in building relationships with these skilled communicators. While it seems the INFP can be critical which would oppose the ENFJ inclination for harmony, they host exceptional skills in reading people’s intentions.  So they come to understand that this isn’t criticism but only just a feedback.  It is the caring nature of ENFJs that takes on INFPs as a labor of love. Known as the giver the only thing to watch out for is that you’re not treating your love too differently than your many friend groups. Fortunately, the INFP is capable of great observing abilities which suits your lifestyle as an ENFJ quite well.


Slightly in love with their own lives, the ENFP and ESFJ is a great match. With tandem perceptions of the world, they receive encouragement when it’s needed and the attention they deserve. ESFJs are in the running for this extroverted but private personality as well! It is the high valuation of depth and authenticity which is satisfied thoroughly by an ESFJ. The judgemental nature meets this perceiving personality head on. Avoiding the criticism and cultivates the creative side. Your sociable and spontaneous zest will be fueled constantly!


INFPs usually don’t know what they would want… any situation to look like. They aren’t afraid to work to accomplish that ideal situation either(excused bouts of procrastination aside). An ISFP in their lives would be just the “do-er” they’re looking for. These two types are ready to take on action together, while you can take on your artistic ventures and exercise those leadership skills. The internal struggle is nurtured by the caring ISFP when you are feeling down.  The regret and discouragement which you INFPs are prone to wash away sooner than when spent alone.  While your positive bursts are supported with the ideals of both minds melded together.


In need of a soul to be concerned for, INFJs search for the headstrong and self-frustrated. INFJs are at their best when they are watching or helping others develop and learn. This openness in their personality allows them to take on some of the more confrontational types with ease.  However, as an INFJ you can be found also to have a rather extreme emotional reaction. INFJs and ENTPs share the same big picture mentality which allows them to connect on a view based level. It is the concern of the ENTP as a “fixer” to take on the crippling effect that conflict has on INFJs. It is a great balance in coordinating the emotional and the not-so-much.


Dependent on a peaceful environment if they can’t find one, they’ll make one. Determined, the ESFJ fits nicely for the long haul with an ESTJ. They operate with a serious mindset and the ESTJ is the balance of compassion and intimacy to their own traditional mindset. The guardian type does best with someone who is not overly needy so they can continue their widespread care. Your organizational abilities reign in the explosive creative energy of the ESTJ. It is the sensing common ground that brings together the FJ and TJ types.  At the end of the day, both types come back to very strong core values.


Rules and tradition are the bane of existence to the ESFP. They are energetic and love sharing their daily fun. They take great joy in sharing with a sensitive extrovert! Their sister type the ESTP is a well-enjoyed partner that maintains a high energy, low maintenance outlook on life. While both types are very much “everyone’s best friend” there is often little or no jealousy. Both are out to make a  long life together of having a great time. They may run into issues when it comes down to crunch time on some of the important things in life. Bills being paid, getting to work on time (it’s really a time issue, most Perceiving types have) however they’ll face these issues head-on and together. Expect a lifelong partnership here.


One of the most sensitive of the sensing types, the ISFP searches for a meaningful connection to their significant other. Anything else will fall short and surely be a disappointment. They find this in the sensitive, feeling, perceiver types. Their own kind, as well as their extroverted counterpart, is a surefire way to find that intimacy they crave. If you are an ISFP your artistic goals and desire to see the beauty in everyday things will be satisfied constantly! The extroverted sister-type, ESFPs are the correlating, but loud and attention grabbing (in a good way) milk to your cookie. Take the hint and find an ESFP!


Controlling and maybe a bit overly critical, ESTJs can also be impatient. However, they are also one of the more understanding types and one of the most dependable when it comes down to relationships. ISTJ types make a great match because of their infallible sensitivity blended with logical thought processes. They can follow the ESTJs insistence that they are right (based on one point which may or may not be significant). However, they don’t feed the power trip ESTJs can lunge into from time to time. While ISTJs will appreciate the ESTJs direct and matter-of-fact nature. Not being an exactly, emotional type, if you’re an ESTJ out there you will find your most compatible match in your introverted self.


ESTPs want to get their hands on everything. They are realistic, however, and very perceptive of the possibilities available to them. They are outgoing and find a great match in this life with an ISTP. Like most types we are seeing here lasting relationships can be identified as associated with the views and values remaining similar. Not to say a different combination wouldn’t work. ESTPs are no stranger to relationships and at times may enjoy one simply for the fun of it. A long-lasting solution to a short-term ESTP dating problem is found in ISTPs. If you are seeking someone to enjoy after work outings, and active weekends and ISTP will be your companion for the long haul.


Logical, analytical, and very observant makes ISTPs a great fit for their “judging” counterpart. Their spontaneous side blends seamlessly with the life of an ISTJ! ISTPs don’t process emotions well, and their ISTJ match is the understanding side to this as they aren’t really great at it either. ISTP is the well known, subdued charmer, of all the types. That “smolder” working on any number of personalities… mostly the extroverted sensitive types who are seeking a fun introvert. This isn’t usually the formula for long-lasting success though with an ISTP. Although it happens! Typically,  if you’re an ISTP and have grown tired from satiating the too needy, an ISTJ will be there. Waiting, patiently, because they do. But don’t take advantage!


Coming across as rigid, and confirming the ISTJ masks their stress with taking on responsibility and hard focus. Placing their focus on things such as organizing, or improving efficiency constantly hits a “great minds think alike” match in INTJs. Their intuitive match won’t overrun them, and is aware of their similarities enough to not be pushy when the stress is on! However, they may meet some trouble as the INTJ comes across as distant and unavailable at times. You may hit a snag if they are in one of these moods while you the ISTJ are in the throws of your own sensitive inclinations to moodiness. These two come together with a grain of salt. Is it perfect yes. Is it perfect all the time, who’s to say? Take the chance and go find yourself a thinking judger just like yourself!


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