We often ask ourselves if there really is a possibility of being the best version of ourselves? Yes, there is. And if you were looking for some perspective, you have come to the right place. The biggest problem the human race has is the perfectionist complex we all develop at a young age. It starts early, believe it or not. The need to prove yourself to your parents, to yourself and then to the world. In our early stages of life, we develop an urge to show our parents we can be big kids and do what big kids do.

Being barely a fully developed human being, emotionally and experience wise, of course. We have that urge to prove that we can do things that are often out of reach. When we become old enough to make decisions and think for ourselves the urge gets even stronger, it becomes more than an urge. It becomes insecurity, lack of trust in ourselves, hurt and a series of other factors that make us not believe in our potential.

We go backward. we begin as a child who believes anything is possible to become a teenager who believes the world is crashing down and finally, we morph into a young adult with fear of failure. Fear to fail in all aspects of our lives and not become the best version of ourselves. Not get done what we need and want to get done in life. we are held back by our demons, and really it is just one demon. it is us. But this can’t be the end. We can not disappoint or give up.

If you have gotten to the point where you feel like you need to give up, continue reading. If you feel like you have hope but you just need perspective to achieve your goals, also keep reading. For those of you who have already become the best version of yourselves, reading this will give you an even stronger grip on what you have already accomplished. Stay strong and proud of your achievements, you must be an example for those who have not gotten where you are.

Do Not Imagine You Can. Believe You Can.

No, nobody imagines they will ever accomplish these things, those who have become the best version of themselves never imagined they would be where they are today. However, they did believe they would be great. Standing over their achievements with their heads up high, now they look back on the times when it was hard for them, there were obstacles and challenges they had to face. But they did it. Because they stopped imagining that they could and they started believing they could. And so can you.

You Will Have To Make Sacrifices In Order To Stop Making Them, Ever Again.

Of course, you have to make sacrifices to get where you need to be. You will have to stop doing things you like to do, like your hobbies, stop going out with your friends sometimes, give up anything steady you had going on because your Schedule will be spontaneous. Finding yourself can be messy, but once you do you gain stability. You must fail before you succeed.

You will have to work for every aspect of your life and that will make your Schedule tough for a couple of weeks or months, but the results will be instant. After getting your results, you will not have to sacrifice anything you want to do further on in your life. But you will always know that those sacrifices you made got you where you needed to be.

You will not regret any of it. This does not mean you should let go of everything you have. To be selfish and let everything go. It means you should create a balance between what you have now and the progress you have of what you will achieve later on.

Write It All Down, Create Your Goal Set.

In order to act, you must first plan, create your life plan.

Write it down. Yes, that’s right, write it all down. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but it has proven to be more effective than thinking. You think about your goals, but you never make them happen because you don’t write them down.

If you don’t write each grocery item on your grocery list, it will just be a useless blank piece of paper. When you get to the grocery store you will have no purpose there, nothing to buy. Well, it is the same thing as thinking of your goals, your thoughts about it are useless and by not writing them down you have no motivation to get them done because they are just thoughts that are present one second and absent the next.

This causes you to lose sight of your goals and never get anything done. Meanwhile, if they are written down you will have a constant reminder, which will make you stay focused on what you want. Go ahead, just write all of your goals down and get them all done, one by one.

Take it day by day and one of those days you will look at your list and it will be empty. Not because you did not write your grocery items down and did not get them. But because you wrote them down, got them and fed yourself. You completed your set of goals, and that day you will realize you have become the best version of yourself.

The Ups and Downs.

Everyone that is trying to get somewhere in life, or achieve anything in life goes through ups and downs. You must make sure you have the important factors such as: maintaining your beliefs, having genuine and inspiring surroundings, surrounding yourself with people who want the same things you do, having a support system: your friends and family. Having a mentor or someone who inspires you to move forward, someone who has already been through what you are going through, who encourages you to keep going. Most importantly your beliefs, never let go of them, because they are what mainly keep you grounded.

Do Not Think, Start Acting.

All you need is to believe you can and literally just go for it. Our second biggest problem as human beings is that we procrastinate. We wait so long for the answers that we already have that by the time we vanquish our fear to jump, we fall. Because by then it is already too late for some goals to be completed. So it will be too late for our past set of goals, but we can create a new set.

The real question is, do you want to sacrifice your original set for a new one? Some of us don’t. So stop thinking about it, just get out there and do it. I know it sounds hard, but it’s really that simple. We are the only ones who limit ourselves. With all the thinking about it that you have doing, you would have probably already accomplished your goals ten times. Because you thought about the results, instead of actually creating them.

How It Feels To Accomplish Your Goals.

What feels the best about achievement is that you finally feel happy with who you are in every aspect of your life, at last, you feel comfortable in your own skin. Because you have proven that you could do what you had set your mind to do, and what some people did not believe you could do, including yourself at first. A great feeling of fulfillment and pride follows, pride in yourself and pride that others feel for you. Your family and friends see you in a new light and respect you more than ever.

Honestly, when the moment comes all you can do is tear up. Cry out of joy that you have come so far. An unlimited feeling of happiness, melancholy, love toward others. Especially those who helped you get to your maximum potential.

Lastly, you feel that all you want to do is help others fulfill themselves just like you did. You realize that you had that purpose in your heart since forever and you finally became who you should be. You feel complete and want to help others feel complete, while also having an urge to keep accomplishing as much more things life lets you.

How it feels to become the best version of yourself.

A sense of gratitude toward your past self for everything they did to get you to your future self. you feel as humble as ever because you know it was a long road to walk on and it helps you remember where you came from. It is just an infinite source of peace. A sentiment that you are finally at peace with who you are.

To You.

So, to all of you out there trying to become the best version of yourselves. Just never give up, always stay focused on what you want. Do not let anything unstabilize or knock you out of focus. Hard times are part of the road ahead. Everything worthwhile is hard to get. The hard times are the most important times, the ones that instead of knocking you down, should motivate you the most to get back up even more fiercely to obtain what you want. Maintain your positive mentality so that you may keep moving forward.


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