A battle…it was so vivid that time…

She was alone in her room, surrounded by so many things she loved so much, dolls, teddy bears, and souvenirs from her travels and from her friends… But they made no sense to her now. She could feel just the emptiness of her soul.

She knew that it was difficult to everyone. This economical crisis was everywhere…it was long-lasting and it was getting even stronger.  Yes, it was difficult to everyone she was aware of that but she had the impression that she lived the worst part of it.

Preoccupied-she had so many plans, projects she wanted to realize, and thousands of ideas! Now, they were collecting dust in her mind.  All her childhood hopes had vanished.

However, nobody cared…

Nobody wanted to even listen to her. Only a year ago she would have never imagined that people could behave like that. Everywhere she encountered closed doors, inhumanity, people who didn’t want to listen, people who didn’t want to appreciate. So much indifference everywhere!  It was hard for her to bear all that.

She wanted to make this world a better place. She was willing to put her mind into that, she had so much energy! But now… she stopped believing… She, simply, couldn’t allow herself to believe anymore. No, she didn’t want to be disappointed again.

But there were no reasons to give up! Searching for hope, she began to pray. She remembered the stories of fighters, of broken hearts that stood up and continued to dream despite everything. She knew famous people who were ready to fight but the examples that mattered to her at that moment were the ordinary people, men and women, and children she could meet every day.

Her neighbor suddenly appeared in her mind, an old but vital man who always stood up for justice and real values. He had never given up. He was always there to help his family, to play with his grandchildren. She remembered his advice and life philosophy. And the little girl who joyfully planted flowers in her house and the two little boys who helped their grandmother in the shop and the girl who had hurt her leg and the man who hurried to help her. He didn’t know the girl, he just wanted to help. And there were so many examples that proved she was wrong. There were good people everywhere and she was conscious that she still hoped.

No, she mustn’t give up! Every dreamer had a responsibility towards his own dreams and toward all the people, especially for the people who loved. Life was a struggle and she had to be an example for everybody. She couldn’t allow insensitivity of bed people and these rainy days to kill her dreams because she was the one who was doing that.  It was she who quitted trying and it wasn’t fair.

She got up and smiled. She decided to fight!

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